Blog #6: Reflection – What is the relationship between Law and Philosophy


  • What challenges did you overcome throughout this inquiry project? How did you go about

overcoming these challenges?

This inquiry presented a few challenges including time management, choosing which details to include and being conscious of repetitive explanations. There were times I struggled with submitting my research rounds on time. This was due to the weight of my other courses which oftentimes caused me to push back on working on my assignments or simply just forgetting. To ensure I kept up to date on the work on this inquiry I started putting reminders on my phone and ensured I checked Teams at a regular time. My inquiry question would also prove to be quite broad and therefore, encompassed a plethora of information. I found it quite challenging to select which details were most important. For example, while I was researching the law, I was unsure whether to further explain the specific types of law such as Tort law or Administrative law and the instances they are used in our society. Though this information would certainly help better understand the topic of law as a whole, it may not be the most valuable in relation to philosophy — the second aspect of my inquiry question. To overcome this challenge, I had to be conscious of the two distinct subjects I was researching and include details that I think could connect or starkly contrast one another to help readers better understand the relationship between law and philosophy. To overcome repetitive explanations, I ensured I proofread my work, and combined explanations and shortened my points. I did this when I condensed the several functions of philosophy into four points.

  • How did this inquiry change the way you think?

This inquiry changed the way I think because it showed me how interconnected the functions of our society, as well as the standards of our morality, can be. The law dictates and sets a degree of convention and order, whereas philosophy is more of an opinion or a perspective of thinking. However, both subjects closely tie together. As I mentioned in my research, the role and necessity of income tax have been debated by communities ever since it has been implemented. The law deems that it is necessary for the overall well-being of society. Rawl’s philosophy agrees with this, whereas Nozick’s Libertarian view can perceive this as a form of forced labour and thieving. Our society has essentially accepted Rawl’s philosophy, implementing a perspective into law, while rejecting Nozick’s theory. This shows how connected the two subjects can be. It also shows how easily we conform to the ideals of our society.

  • How did this investigation impact your future decisions?

This inquiry impacted my future decisions because learning about the law and philosophy gave me insight into how our system of government and ethics work. It also showed me how easily values can change depending on the shape of our society. This will impact how I respond to government decisions in the future. For example, when a law is changed, like with the decriminalization of cannabis, I will likely look into the internal values or ideals that are also associated with the new law. This will help me better understand the system in which we live and how to stay true to my personal morals and ethics. This inquiry can also impact my future decisions because I now have a more in-depth understanding of how our justice system works as I specifically focused on the Canadian system of law. For example, I now better understand individual rights and freedom such as liberty, equality and freedom of religion as guaranteed in the Charter.

  • What impact will this investigation have on others locally and/or globally?

This investigation will have an impact on others locally because law encompasses everyone in the community. It is a system designed to balance individual rights with the rights of society. Understanding the function and origins of our justice system would allow members of our local community to see how their environment and day-to-day activities were shaped by an interpretation of values or ethics. Imagine the chaos – and the danger – if there were no laws or values. The most powerful people would be in unchecked control and the concept of accountability would not exist. Drivers could choose which side of the street to drive on and deterrence for crime would decrease. Imagine trying to buy and sell items if no one had to keep promises. Or attempting to hold onto your personal property or even to keep yourself safe if there were no laws against robbery or assault. This investigation would have an impact on anyone globally as we are all subject to rule under the society we live in. Understanding the importance of our law and our values as outlined in philosophy will help others better appreciate and recognize how their home is shaped and how we can better our policies to promote inclusivity.

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  1. Dear Rasee,

    I can’t believe this school year has flewn by so quickly! Your focus on the ethics-side of your research was compelling and your writing flows well (even in this reflection!).

    Great note with ‘To ensure I kept up to date on the work on this inquiry I started putting reminders on my phone and ensured I checked Teams at a regular time.’ – you’re all set for grade 12 and beyond Rasee.

    All the best in the future!

    Warm regards,


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