Metamorphosis Reflection- What are the effects of affirmations and subliminal messages that are being used for manifestation?

  1. What challenges did you overcome throughout this inquiry project? How did you go about overcoming these challenges?

Throughout this inquiry project, I noticed that I was constantly questioning if my question was good enough to be researching. Sometimes I thought the correlation between affirmations and subliminal messages was too much of a stretch to be connecting. This wasn’t much of a serious problem because there is a clear link but, I made sure that that link was clear by thoroughly explaining the definitions of both affirmations and subliminal messages in my first post. I explained that the subliminal messages use affirmations in their videos as an underlying track. I was also worried that since my research wasn’t all traditional research, it might cause my project to feel incomplete. By non-traditional I mean trying the subliminal messages myself instead of only looking on websites. I combated this by doing a post where I looked at the scientific effects. This post had a lot of traditional research and I think it was a good balance having it in there. I also included other people’s experiences in the post where I tried the subliminal messaging. That way I could use the internet as a resource. Lastly, I found that it was hard to make the project sound professional when I wasn’t sure if the topic I was researching was a real thing or not. I did have a feeling going into the project that manifestation was simply the placebo effect and that made it difficult to take it all seriously to get a real answer. The way I dealt with this was to try and not to give a strong opinion in my writing about the topic until I reached the end. That way I would stay as neutral as possible throughout the research and could treat it professionally.

2. How did this inquiry change the way you think?

This inquiry didn’t completely change my mind about manifestation, but it did make me think about the power our own minds have on our actions. I think manifestation was a very different idea in my head than what I saw when I researched. After completing this research I believe it is good that there are so many perceptions concerning manifestation. People can take what they need from the way of thinking. It isn’t as extreme as I believed it to be. Although, I do think this inquiry changed my perception of those who do take it very seriously. I used to think that it was a lazy way of wanting things to appear in your life. Now, knowing that people don’t quit their jobs and wait around for things to happen, I don’t see it as unhealthy.

3. How did this investigation impact your future decisions?

Researching affirmations and subliminal messages has impacted my use of these things. I don’t really like the subliminal messages but I definitely think affirmations are a very good way to motivate yourself and bring up your confidence. Maybe implementing daily affirmations into my life could help me. In the future, knowing this new method of motivation, I might be able to use affirmations to stop overthinking; maybe even be more at peace.

4. What impact will this investigation have on others locally and/or globally?

This investigation can impact people locally and globally. I think that passing on what I have learned to my peers will interest them. Maybe even enough for them to try it on their own. Since affirmations and subliminal messages are all about your perception of them, it might work for some and it might not for others. Hopefully what I have researched can be a good practice for those who do believe in it. For those who are more skeptical, I hope that it can give them something to consider; how mindsets are very important for success of any kind. Globally, this investigation can do the same on a larger scale! I think it would be even more impactful globally because I think mindsets are a very universal understanding. It would be interesting to see if affirmations and subliminal messages are interpreted differently than how I interpreted them.

Thanks for reading:)

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