Action Post #5 (Final Patch Action Progress)

Hello everyone! It’s Galicia. I am amazed by the work and plans popping into the Butterfly Effects platform. Here are my finalized updates with Patch and I’m glad to share my findings in this concluding post.


If you had been following along the journey here on my work with Patch, I have been able to make a branding kit, fundraise my goal amount to sponsor two girls’ university tuitions, earn my Marketing and Fundraising certificate, and now, to wrap up, concluded by official Package for Patch. This Package includes all of my teachings, future intentions, community values (community and building bridges), and descriptions of my processes.

The final Action post for blog #5 is relatively short and concise, and because of this, I will answer the questions in a short manner, and then include screenshots of my completed Package at the bottom for you to review!



Step Five Action Post: Your final post of your Action Plan should have the following:


Description of process:
There was a 3-step approach with my Action project and three areas I wanted to hone in on as much as possible. I was able to create a brand, gain knowledge on how to be a better leader, and support a cause important to me (global educational opportunities). I have discussed Create Change in my last post, on how I joined their informative Social Change Program, but from my last ‘brainstorming’ status update, I have taken the brainstormed actions. In order to fundraise the $1,000, I was first able to develop a brand kit and specify my niche for educational disparities. The Executive-Director of Create Change works very closely with all us student community members, and she calls us “Leaders” of our own community Chapters. Create Change, as I’d mentioned in my last post, allows students across the globe to host their own “Community” and I thought to fuse my Action project with my community project for Create Change and PA-MOJA. I am super fortunate to have gained these transferable skills going into the future with business affairs. I told Shannen on the last day ‘I can’t believe it’s been 20 weeks, it still feels like 2’ and I still feel the same way.


Expert consulted:
I was able to consult two experts to help me with my processes and future intentions. First, the E-D of Create Change Foundation, Ms. O’Brian, who has earned a B.A. in International Development and an MsC in Human Rights. She has worked on Create Change for over 14 years now, and I am so fortunate to have been able to learn from her. Create Change is an excellent charity, and since its inception in 2007, Create Change has funded over 1,000 girls through high school and university, with the vision of one day having its programs and enterprises 100% led by the girls it supports. Second, I met with Mrs. John from my high school for a 1-1, who has 20+ years of experience in the childhood development and counselling sector, where we got to reflect and explore on how Patch can stand out as a whole.


Research Phase – what you found as you went along:


How did the action applied cause change? Show Your Findings:
Aside from Patch as a tool itself, we at Patch get close to those closing the disparities in the world. I participated in Create Change’s Social Change program for 20 weeks to learn more about educational disparities in the world. The Social Change program allows youth to create neighbouring communities and projects to support funds for the Charity and their empowering programs for girls in Ghana. 


Most girls in Northern Ghana could never get a tertiary degree because of costly tuition. At Patch, we chose to focus our fundraising of $1,000 to support two girls to achieve their highest potential by supporting the two with a year of university tuition.
On the personal side of things, I wanted to take the time I spent with Create Change as a personal project for learning as well. I have also expanded my world viewpoints and have definitely gotten clarity in attending the weekly ~3 hour sessions with Create Change to feel much more open speaking about leadership, women empowerment, and taking action on things that matter most to us.

List Resources:
The resources that have allowed Patch into this developed stage so far have been:


Thank you so much for following along the journey! I am surprised people take time to read through all my posts who aren’t a part of PA-MOJA’s Butterfly Effect program, but I am so grateful for everything this experience has brought me. Thank you very much!

Warmest Regards,


Here is my concluded package for Patch with my actions and steps:

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  1. Hey Galcia,

    Awesome work! Your package outline is very clear and detailed! I was wondering, did you create the animations and icons for Patch yourself? What program did you use! It’s very visually appealing!

    Further, what impact did having an expert consultant have on your action project?

    Congrats on finishing your action! Best of luck in the future!

  2. Hi Galicia,
    Great work on your action project! The package outline you created is so well done. Good luck with developing this further in the future!

    – N. Shahram

  3. Galicia,
    Great job on your action post! I really enjoyed reading all your posts on the progress of how Patch is doing! The package you have included looks great! It is very appealing! Best of luck with your future goals with Patch!

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