Blog Post #5-What are the effects of affirmations and subliminal messages that are being used for manifestation?


Hello everyone! Welcome to my second round of research. My question is “What are the effects of affirmations and subliminal messages that are being used for manifestation? “. Last time I found information about the science behind why people think manifestations work. In this research round I will be breaking down my experience with manifestation and other people that have also tried it.


Did it work for me? Did it work for others?


My Experience


Week 1


I started out by using affirmations and listening to subliminal affirmations. I made sure to read comments on the video I was using to make sure that I was getting the video that I was advertised.


I tried to use a subliminal for something I could measure so I decided on a studying subliminal. Basically, the goal for the video is to get good grades and be able to focus while studying. Using this as my subliminal is a good idea because my grades are tangible so if I see a difference, I can relate it to the video.

At the beginning of the video there are instructions. They say to listen while cleaning, studying, or really anything that you can do while listening. I decided to listen while studying for a test.

While studying I found that I was feeling a little distracted by the video. I would stop every few minutes to see if I could hear the script in the video. Other than that, it was just like studying to music. I usually study with some type of instrumental or white noise playing so it wasn’t much different. Generally, I was able to focus and study properly while it was playing.


I also used a verbal affirmation. It felt cheesy if I am being honest. It sort of felt like I was mocking my school work but I did my best to try and believe in them and repeat them. (1)



Here is the subliminal message video I used



Here is the affirmation I used

  • I enjoy the classes.
  • I succeed in school.
  • I easily understand what I study.
  • I am 100% focused on succeeding in my studies.
  • I am confident about passing these exams.
  • I study hard and regularly so nothing on that exam can surprise me.
  • I love being a student, so much to learn.
  • I prepare for exams smartly so I am fully prepared.
  • I am relaxed during exams.
  • My memory is sharp and ready to take these exams.




Week 2


At the start of the second week, I got my test back that I studied for with the subliminal messaged video. It was pretty similar to what I usually get. Nothing changed drastically. I think that because I was focused on the subliminal working, I was less nervous about getting the test back. So, it helped my mind, but the grade was normal for me.


In the second week, I didn’t have any tests, but I did have a project and homework to do. I did my best to again focus on my work and let the video play in the background. It was easier to do homework to the video over studying. Having the video play on my laptop helped me not procrastinate and go on my laptop. In that way it did help. Every time I saw the screen, I was reminded to go back to working.


In the second week using the affirmation, I tried to keep more of an open mind. Saying the affirmations as facts helped me believe what I was saying more. Repeating them, made me more confident. Being positive in general is a struggle for me so forcing myself to say these was an experience.



Week 3


In the third week, I got back my project and all of the homework. The results were really good, but I can’t tell if that had anything to do with the video. I think my attention to detail while doing the project was better because the run time on the video was long enough for me to go back and check my work.


The work I had to do in the last week was extensive. I definitely was getting sick of the video at this point. I had the video on, but I turned it off at times because I needed to focus on certain parts harder than usual.


I actually ended up liking the affirmations. I didn’t expect them to change anything tangible but I’m going to keep using them because as a person who struggles to be positive, they help change my naturally pessimistic thoughts. (2)



Others Experiences


After trying it myself, I wanted to see if other people had similar or different experiences.


Nicole Lombardo


Nicole is a journalist who claims that manifestation got her things like her house in New Zealand and her apartment in Paris. Her process consisted of a vision board and thinking about what she wanted.


I believe that her experience may have been coincidental. She was working on getting those things and the excitement of getting them may have been confused with manifestation.


Eevee Sparks


Sparks is a journalist who wrote about her friends Emily and Mark who had experiences with manifestation. Although, everything I read comes across as coincidence. I feel cynical saying it but here is an example Emily would say stuff like “She’s so much prettier than me….I bet she doesn’t make him tell her she loves her all the time”. The couple later broke up because Mark broke up with Emily. I don’t believe this is clearly manifestation, but the attitude itself is not good.


Lastly, a woman named Courtney from Tiny Buddha claims manifestation did not work for her. She says she “wrote down detailed qualities in a man that [she would] like to have as a romantic, committed partner”. She did this for months and got no result.


So all in all I think my experience was different than most of the articles I found about people’s individual experiences. People mostly boasted about their success stories and how it was so magical. My personal experience was very lackluster. This brings me to the conclusion that manifestation isn’t exactly what I believed it could be. Scientifically and personally, I know that it does not work. On the other hand, societally, I see a lot of people that are in support of it. I suspect this might be because they are affiliated with it in some way (making money off of the concept).

 (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

8 Replies to “Blog Post #5-What are the effects of affirmations and subliminal messages that are being used for manifestation?”

  1. Hey Shieva,
    Great work! I really enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing your experience! I started using a clearer skin subliminal my friend had recommended and I did see some difference! It really puts into question how much our conscious thought really leads our life. I know there are several studies looking into this question.

    Here is a link:,goes%20beyond%20our%20conscious%20awareness.

    Would you continue to use subliminal affirmations for studies or otherwise?

    Looking forward to your presentation of learning!

    • Hi Rasee,

      Yeah that’s what was so fascinating about the differing experiences! I’d never heard of a clearer skin subliminal; Interesting!

  2. Shieva,
    great job on your third round of research! I think that it was a great idea for you to share you experience! It was insteresting to see such different experiences everyone has with manifestation!
    After your experience, would you want to use it more than just for changing pessimistic thoughts into positive ones?
    Best of luck!

    • Hello Karina,
      I think it can just be something to change pessimistic thoughts into ones that go towards a goal. If you look at it like that, it can direct you anywhere. Thanks for asking!

  3. Hi Shieva,
    I found your post very interesting! I think that manifestation can be good for your mental health. As you said, it can help with pessimistic thoughts. Though I do not believe in being able to change other people’s lives through ‘messages’, I think it can boost your self confidence. On the other hand, I find it funny that in middle eastern cultures, we have the opposite belief (evil eye).
    Great work

  4. Hi Shieva!

    I really liked your research, it has been very interesting to follow. I think that in our current society, many people grasp onto the idea of manifestation being real because they are, for lack of better term, desperate to see a change in something that’s out of their hands. The idea of manifestations gives people a sense of control over their surroundings, which can be comforting.

    Although I am sceptical about manifestation, I do fully believe in the effects of meditation and other such practises, because they focus on internal factors rather than external ones. My math teacher last semester used to guide us through an optional meditation before every test, and I always did better on the days when I chose to participate. If I remember correctly, I think you did a similar project on meditation at one point. Did you prefer manifestation or meditation? Do you see yourself ever using either throughout your daily life?

    • Hi Jasmine,

      Yes, i know of the teacher that you are talking about and I think it’s great that he does that ahah. I try to meditate daily; it really helps day-to-day worries and helps me not overthink. I think after doing this project I try to tie in positive affirmations into my meditation!

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