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  1. Hi Shayna,

    Awesome work! Your ad was short, simple and eye-catching. I also liked the natural music in the background, which isn’t audacious and gives a home-like feel to the store you are advertising. Quick question: Did you export the graphics and the icons into the video or were they a part of the editing software? Perhaps you could export a background picture of the store?

    In any case, wonderful work! I would definitely be interested in seeing what is offered at this store after watching the ad!:)

  2. Shayna,
    great job on your buisness ad you have created! I really like that your ad is simple and effective! It is not long at all which keeps the audience to watch the rest of the ad! Overall, great job on the ad!
    I see that you used Biteable to create your ad! Have you tried using other websites to create your ad before you came across Biteable?
    Best of luck!

  3. Hey Shayna,

    I like that you talked about the offerings; important for your business project. Your video makes the business enticing and I’d love to check it out!

    Quick question for you: Is Burt’s Grocery a grocery/essentials store you would go to? What is your favourite item or items from the store? Why?

    Warm Regards,


  4. Hey Shayna, great advertisement! I really like the look of your ad and how clean and professional feels. While many advertisements go on and on with information that isn’t relevant to the product, yours was simple and got to the point. I also really liked how you listed the products that would likely be very popular. Fantastic work!

  5. HI Shayna!!
    Wow! great job! This ad has professional look in it, which is good and it is also entertaining. I like that you included a question at the beginning to attract the attention of the viewers. It is a good hook.

    Is this the first ad you ever created?
    -Lokshana ๐Ÿ™‚

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