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  1. Dear Ryan,

    As mentioned, your poster ad is locked on Google Docs, but I have some recommendations for you to create unique poster ads for free.

    I love Canva! Canva is a user-friendly, reliable and simple design platform for businesses, organizations, and even individual professionals which enables them to create amazing and professional quality graphic designs. Also, Adobe Illustrator is great! Adobe Illustrator excels when it comes to creating vector illustrations. It has been an industry standard for a long time and offers a quality set of tools to the users.

    Hope this helps you!

    Warm Regards,


  2. Ryan!
    The google docs link you have shared is actually locked. When clicking on the link it says you need to request to see it! Not entirely sure if that is what you wanted, but I have requested as I am eager to see the ad you have created!

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