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How some animals use light to help them survive.
Bio luminescence is used by many glowing animals to help them stay alive. Below are some examples of ways they use glowing to get food and avoid being eaten.
Animals can use their light to lure food towards their mouth, or even to light up the area nearby so that they can see the next meal a bit better. Sometimes the prey being lured can be small plankton, like those attracted to the bioluminescence around the beak of the octopus.(1)
Glow Worms are found in New Zealand and can hang by the thousands in the 30 million year old Waitomo caves. They lure prey such as flies and millipedes into what appear to be long lighting fishlines.(2)
Often animals use a strong flash of bioluminescence to scare off an impending predator. The bright signal can distract the predator and cause confusion about the whereabouts of the target.(3) Some animals use counterillumination to disappear because their color blends with the light coming from above.(2) This fish is using counter illumination to disappear.





This fish is using counter illumination to disappear.

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  1. Hey Joseph, cool post! The topic you have chosen is quite new to me, so I really enjoyed reading through it and absorbing all of the information for the first time. To be honest, I didn’t even know that animals that have the ability to glow ever used that ability to reach means other than lighting their path and making it easier for them to see. I had no clue that glowing animals could use their light source to attract prey or scare away/hide from predators. Interesting stuff!

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