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  1. Hey Amanda,

    I love the colours used in your poster! One thing I would recommend, however, is putting the slogan and the name of the store in separate colours. This is assuming that “quick stop” is the slogan and “Burt’s” is the name of the store. This may help make both the slogan and name of the store more memorable and speak for itself.

    Also, what did you use to create the poster? I would recommend Canva! It’s a very easy-to-use program with fantastic templates: https://www.canva.com/. But the software you used created an awesome poster just the same!

    Best of luck!

  2. Hello Amanda:
    The background colour you chose really made the poster pop out at you and the design of the font definitely made the words really clear to read. One thing I would suggest for this poster is to include a brief description of what your company is doing. Also, what program did you use to create this poster?

  3. Hello Amanda,

    What is your goal for your company? I think I would be able to understand the meaning of the egg If I knew that haha. I do like the poster though! It’s great that you have a sort of mascot on your poster! The bright colours will definitely catch people’s attention :).

    Good job overall!

    • The goal that we were trying to go for is to show that it is a quick way to just stop in a get what you need, that is why we tried to make the little egg guy speedy. The mascot is just the little guy that is on the front of the store that I though would be a good thing to add since it represents that store. I hope this helps you understand the poster a little better.

  4. Hi Amanda!!
    Very cute poster! the egg is so adorable and it represents the message of the poster ” quick stop”.

    1)How many posters do you have to create?
    2) What will you use them for?

    -Lokshana ๐Ÿ™‚

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