Project plan: Why do we generalize people?

Step 1: Why do we generalize people?

This will give me a better understanding of the psychology behind generalizing, and certain stigmas that can cause it.

Step 2: How does generalizing affect society?

This question will help inform me of the people most affected from generalization, as well as the impacts it has.

Step 3: How to avoid generalizing people?

This question will teach me and others how to not make haste decisions/ assumptions about people.

Sources I might use:

My project will show my self and others the affect of generalizing which I think is very important.

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  1. Hey Saachi, it was really cool reading your post and seeing the steps that you plan to follow with your inquiry project! In our society today, as it has always been in most societies throughout the world, generalization is a huge problem that hurts tens of, if not hundreds of thousands of people; racism, sexism, xenophobia, transphobia, and homophobia are just some of the many types of ways some of us humans use to group people together discriminate against them. Whether it be the “gangster” stereotype that is so often given to black individuals, or the “genius at math” stereotype that is commonly given to people from east Asia. We need to work towards ending the use of these stereotypes and generalizations if we wish to end the overarching theme of inequality in our societies. Great work!

    Some sources you may find useful are:

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