Business Questions

These are some questions we are planning on asking a local business we are researching. What is your opinion on them?

What would you like us to help you with?
How did the business start?
What is your busiest time of day?
What do you see in the future for your business?
Does your store have more regular customers or more drop in customers?
Who is your target market?
Who is the majority that come to your store?
What keeps people coming back?

3 Replies to “Business Questions”

  1. Hi Amanda!
    Your questions are very well-formatted. I think it’s great, but I do have some more questions you could ask if you want more.

    1. How does your business generate income?
    2. Which parts of your business are not profitable?
    3. What is your pricing strategy and why?
    4. What is your social media strategy?

    -Lokshana ๐Ÿ™‚

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