Project Plan: Why don’t all animals glow

Question: Why don’t all animals glow

I am interested in this question because I want to find out if humans could learn to make light in the same way that animals make light and use this as a way of providing light to our own lives. I am also curious to know if we can take their genes and put them into trees to light up our streets.

Rounds of Research:

Round 1: How do animals glow?

Round 2: How do some animals use light to help them survive (avoid being eaten and/or get their own nutrients)?

Round 3: How do some animals use light to help them reproduce?


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  1. hey Joseph!
    I love your topic! This topic is really interesting and I’ve never thought about it before you mentioned it. What made you choose this topic? I do know that glowing animals have an increased chance of being spotted by predators. Evolution might be one of the factors.
    Looking forward to your research!

  2. Hello Joseph,

    This is a compelling topic that you chose. I also wonder why animals glowed, and wondered if there were any negative effects for them glowing, for example: if they glowed, then predators would see them easier, a negative trait.

    I can’t wait to learn more,

    Karen Zoulau

  3. Hi Joseph,
    This is a very interesting topic question you have chosen! I have never really thought about this question before and it will be very interesting to learn more through your three rounds of research.

    Best of luck!
    I am looking forward to your future posts!

  4. Hi Joseph!!
    I love your topic! I love animals who glow and I just wish I could keep them as a pet 🙂

    What made you choose this question for your research?

    -Lokshana 🙂

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