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Hey You!

Am Allan, a mechatronics engineering student at Dedan Kimathi University, Nyeri, Kenya. I am a space maniac, I love planes, flights, heights, but heartbreakingly, spaceships. A few times I have almost gone blind following fatal trial reactions in pursuit of perfect rocket fuel. Ever seen locally designed rockets? (I made some) In fact, I want to establish a huge space centre back here someday.

Am grateful I got to tour British Columbia, Canada, with Pa-moja in 2016. It was the best experience for me. It was so cool yet overwhelming (the dog adoption day), Learnt new things (remembrance day and Halloween), met new people (home-stay family, students, learners), made friends (from school and church), went to exciting places (like place Canada and Pender Island), loved new foods (not cheese, thanks) and learnt a whole bunch of things (Royal mounted police). I still wonder why some Canadians pay to pet cats though. (Here is my blog on the same)

Am passionate about change, a better society, fight against destitute humanity, and space, of course. I am a writer too. (wanna check up my writings?)

Friendship is complicated. But an ideal friend is one you know with heart and soul that they are genuine, loyal, and got you even when both of you are not cool. I mean, you’d be their priority in time of need regardless.

I think I have an extra reservation for adrenaline. By that I mean am naturally competitive (even in food eating competitions), a short races athlete, martial artist
(Tae Kwon Do), and I can make a pancake somersault four times in the blink of an eye.

I think death hurts, and being mortal is heartbreakingly bad.

Question: I really wonder whether we can finally figure out the secret to immortality.

Any questions? Hesitate not!


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  1. Hi Allan,

    I wish I could relate to loving to learn about space but it just scares me to be honest haha. I think there is a lot to be discovered in space though and it’s a great career for people who want to add to the knowledge we have of the world.

    You said friendship is complicated. Do you mean that some friendships are surface level? I have a bit of a different idea of friendship. I think it is simple until you deeply examine the friendships. People who pass you by are going to be kind and you can try and create a friendship with those people but to have a deep relationship, both people need to devote their effort. Even then I think there are just people who can’t achieve a deep relationship with each other because they don’t work well together and that is perfectly alright!

    You also said death hurts and being mortal is heartbreakingly bad. I understand what you mean but is it really being mortal that is causing the hardships or is it the way humans have built the system to run that time and time again let down and hurt the citizens living in it?

    Lastly, to acknowledge the question you had at the end, I don’t think we will and I don’t think I want us to. Death is natural; immortality would ruin the importance of life.

    It was great reading about you!

    -Shieva Mokhtarnameh

    • Dear Shieva Mokhtarnameh,
      Thank you so much for your response to my about.

      Generally, I think what we (humans) don’t know is more than what we know. Therefore, it would be so much to conquer the new surprises about space.
      What specifically about space scares you?
      What are you passionate about?
      About friendship, I mean it is complicated because even your best friend could be your closest enemy. Sometimes, people that we thought would be our saving grace end up doing things that we least expected from them.
      I also agree with your thoughts concerning the development of deeper friends. I think have really deep friends is one of the greatest assets of life.
      What sucks me about mortality is that sooner or later, my day is coming. Knowing that my life can come to an end at any time makes me feel like there is vanity in everything.

      And yes, maybe mortality would ruin the importance of life. There is so much to take care of in the mortal world. If 21-year comrades are committing suicide over life challenges, I don’t want to imagine an eternal life.
      Do you think we could possibly attain an ideal mortal life?

  2. Hellooo Nikki!
    Thank you for your response,
    My favorite topics about space are micro-gravity, dark energy, and alien civilization.
    And yes, I totally agree with you. We will finally figure out how to beat death and diseases. HeLa cells could also contain some secret to immortality.
    Thank you for the thought on mortality!

  3. Hey Allan! I really enjoyed reading post and it seems like you enjoyed your visit to BC, which is fantastic! Because it seems others have already commented on your interests, like science and space, I’m going to ask you about other things.
    1. What was your favorite place that you got to visit in BC?
    2. Were there any places you wanted to visit in BC, but did not get to?
    3. Did Canadian food measure up to Kenyan food?
    4. Do you see yourself returning to Canada in the future?
    I cannot wait for your responses!

    • Hi there! Thank you for the questions,
      To begin with, I honestly had untold fun in Canada. It is really hard to choose just one favorite place. Apart from my home, I fell in love with Pender Island and Place Canada. Both of them were extremely intriguing!
      Some places I never visited? Well, mainly it’s what I wished to see, the grizzly bear. We came at a time when they were hibernating, so, I never got to see one. Stanley Park was also getting so famous, but I did not visit there.
      Did Canadian food measure Kenyan? No way haha. Well, honestly, I loved most of the Canadian foods but our foods beat Canadian Lol haha.
      Do I see myself coming back to Canada? Of course yes? Maybe not in the distant future. I have lots of unfinished business.
      Did I capture all questions? I hope so! Thank you!

  4. Dear Allan,

    It was an excellent read on your little biography! I realized 2016 is now going to be 5 years ago; time really flies! You have been very consistent throughout, in terms of professional approach and using your experiences to connect with other students. I like your engaging language, and having a website blog set up for your visit to Canada is super duper cool; I will definitely consider on my next trip!

    When you wrote “an ideal friend is one you know with heart and soul that they are genuine, loyal, and got you even when both of you are not cool. I mean, you’d be their priority in time of need regardless.” – I was really impressed; I’m sure you are a great friend with all your amazing insights.

    I have three questions:

    1. What would you say is the reason/cause for your “extra reservation for adrenaline”? Do you like the competitive nature?

    2. What prompted you to study mechatronics engineering? Who inspired who?

    3. What is your ideal career in the future? Did you always think of it when you were younger?

    Warm Regards,


    • Hi Galicia!
      Your response is just so heartwarming! Thank you!
      And yes, looking back 5 years, I wish I wrote more on my blog. About friendship, would you mind joining me for a cup of coffee? Thank you and please haha.
      Let’s get Galicia’s questions answered…
      I would say my adrenaline rush is innate? Sort of? I don’t have any scientific theory to credit my competitive nature though. I have always wanted to be the best, to win, it makes me happy. Do I like it? Well, Yes! Mostly I do. But it hits me harder when I lose. I know right?

      About my career, I always wanted to be a doctor. I was inspired by Ben Carson and Margaret Ogola. I tore apart a frog when I was six (don’t imagine it, it’s pretty ugly). With a scalpel around, mosquitos and other insects met brutal disection. However, after grade 12, I learned about The International Space Station. That was so crazy. I wish I could go to the ISS. But you cannot explore space without space vehicles, so, why not study the dynamics of space technology?
      About an ideal career, I wouldn’t say there is one. But I love literature and astronomy. So, can we blend the two? I was always fascinated by planes, military jets, and just being high up there, far from the ground!

      Got them all, right? Now, your turn,
      I find your name so unique, do you know what it means?
      Thank yuuu

  5. Hi Allan!

    I am a bit of a writer myself, so naturally I was curious and read some of your work. I’m so glad I did, you’re writing is very refreshing and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! You have a strong use of imagery and a captivating way of describing things that makes your writing such a good read. I also loved how your writing gets readers thinking and asking themselves questions about certain themes and topics in the story.

    I was wondering what got you interested in writing? For me, I used to create stories in my head as a little kid, and writing became a way to share those stories, and ensure that they don’t get forgotten.

    I look forward to reading your future posts,
    Jasmine 🙂

    • Hi Jasmine,
      So you love writing too? Hold my glass, could you please share some of your writings? I would be glad to read some.
      Am thankful that you got to read my writings and found them fun to read.

      Am fond of writing because sometimes (and these times are many), writing is the best way to express yourself without lying to anyone. Plus, you could code your message as much as you want and see the fun in different interpretations that readers will have. Yet, only you know the authentic meaning. However, I think stories (writing) are a very important aspect of the community as they change lives, inspire, move, make a difference. It is through stories that humans connect. And we need that human connection as much as we need air to live.

      What do you see as the future of your writing? Would you like to publish some books someday?

  6. Hi Allan,
    I really enjoyed reading about you! What are some of your favorite space related topics to read about? My opinion to your question is that I think we can figure out the secret to immortality. It would take a while, but we could do it using genetics. Before this, we need more information on the human DNA and how to manipulate it. What’s your opinion? Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Nikki S.

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