Blog #2 (Project Plan) How Will Electric Cars Dominate Gas Cars in the Future?

Hello everyone,


My question: How will Electric Cars Dominate Gas Cars in the Future?


As many of us are aware, the car industry is slowly starting to transfer from petro to electricity as a source of new energy. This research round is designated for me and others who would like to learn more about the pros and cons of electric cars as well as how the industry plans to make the transfer between these two types of vehicles.


First Blog:

In the first blog, I will be looking at the basic components that construct an EV and comparing them to gasoline cars. Are there much fewer components? Does it require less maintenance? Is the weight distribution better? Is it convenient? This first blog is mainly focused on comparing an electric car to a gas vehicle. 

Second Blog:

Sustainability is one of the key factors of EVs. However, does the production process of the car and battery leave carbon footprints behind? How about the carbon emission for hybrid vehicles? In this blog, I will be discovering how sustainable EVs are for our environment.

Third Blog:

In the third post, I would like to learn when and how vehicle manufacturers such as General Motors are going to make a turn of the petro fueled car makers and promising a future of EVs. I will also mention advanced features that appear in Electric cars such as alto pilot and how it could potentially revolutionize our definition of driving.


Websites that are going to help me answer this inquiry:,to%20fuel%20them%20is%20considered.,Cell%20Electric%20Vehicles%20(FCEVs).

7 Replies to “Blog #2 (Project Plan) How Will Electric Cars Dominate Gas Cars in the Future?”

  1. Hey Lucas,
    This plan is really detailed and this all sounds so interesting to look into. I personally know nothing about cars but I do know that electric cars are pretty expensive. The only electric car I know is Tesla haha. What’s your favourite electric vehicle? Why is it your favourite?
    I do hope to buy an electric vehicle in the future since it is better for the environment (some? I’m not sure honestly).
    I hope to learn a lot from your project!
    Good luck

    • Hello Ronnie,

      Thank you for your comment!

      My favourite electric vehicle would be the Tesla Cybertruck. This car is very impressive since it has a strong shell and a large payload that allows you to transport and tow things easily. They also improved their battery capacity since it can travel a long distant. One main reason that I like this car is of its unique exterior design.

  2. Lucas,
    I do not know much about cars, but I am very intrigued to learn more about both Electric cars and and cars that use gasoline! I am looking forward to your future posts!
    In your first round of research, will you also look into each car and how it affects the environment?
    Best of luck on research!
    – Karina

    • Hello Karina,

      I am also happy to learn about electric vehicles during my project. I will definitely cover the effects of EVs on the environment and how it differs from fuel cars.

  3. Dear Lucas,

    Nicely laid out project plan; you first explain HOW electric vehicles are constructed, rather than their significance in the world too; which I found interesting. Thank you for expanding the idea already in your project plan!

    I got to look up some facts about electric vehicles, and this article came up on the best EV to purchase in 2020. ( I was surprised that some companies were very high-end and typically luxurious cars. This prompted me to two questions for you:
    1. Will your research be primarily on the well-known brands, or will you also discuss emerging companies selling EV?
    2. What is your personal favourite EV you have gotten to know thus far?

    Looking forward to your rounds expanded into research!

    Warm Regards,


    • Hello Galicia,

      I will mainly focus on popular electric vehicle companies since they have more information and data. My favourite electric car is the Tesla Cybertruck. I’ve written the reason of why I like it in the other reply.

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