Blog Post #2 – Should we clone humans?

Hello everyone!

My inquiry question: Should we clone humans?

First round of research: 

  • In my first round of research, I will be looking into what cloning is as this will help me as well as the readers to understand what cloning is. I will also research the history of cloning including some animals that have been cloned, mention a few methods of cloning and such.

 Second round of research: 

  • In my second round of research, I will solely be looking into the advantages of cloning. Looking into the pros of cloning will help me and the readers understand what cloning can be useful for and such and will help me make the decision whether it is a good idea to clone humans or not. 

Third round of research:

  • In my third round of research, I will look into the cons (ethical issues) of cloning humans. Researching this will help me make the decision about whether it is a good idea to clone humans or not. 

Sources that may help me:,or%20embryo%20to%20be%20cloned

This question will have implications for other individuals as even though cloning humans is banned in multiple countries, I think this question will let people understand more about what cloning is. As well as understand the pros and cons of cloning humans. I would hope this can help other individuals understand whether cloning is a good idea or not. 

If you have any suggestions of what else I should research into, feel free to let me know!

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  1. Hi Karina!
    This topic is very intriging and I’m really eager to read your posts and learn about cloning humans. This whole concept sounds really fictional and that it only happens in sci-fi movies, i didn’t know it was actually possible to clone a living organism.
    I found a study regarding to the ethical issues of human cloning
    I hope this is useful!
    good luck!

    • Ronnie,
      thank you for the pdf! I will defenitely check it out!
      Yes yes, it is quite amazing that scientists were able to actually find a way to clone living organisms!

  2. Hi Karina!
    It is interesting to earn about your round of researches before you reach your conclusion.

    1. – this is a video I found online that touch a little on the unethical part of “why we still haven’t clone humans”

    I am eager to read your upcoming posts,
    -Lokshana 🙂

  3. Hi Karina,

    I found this topic interestng because I’m learning asexual reproduction in science which relates to this topic. I would like to learn what steps you need to rake to clone a human or an animal.

    This is a helpful webpage I found that explains the basics of cloning. From reading this briefly, I learned that scientists have cloned a genetically Identical mice in 1979.

  4. Hello Karina,

    I found it interesting to learn some facts in your overview of your inquiry project. I didn’t know cloning was banned in many countries, and with some research, I got to know that, since 2018, it was reported that about 70 countries had banned human cloning!

    I have three questions and possibly suggestions for you:

    1. Will you be researching cloning on the global scale, or be Canada-focused?
    2. Would you be able to supply YouTube links with scientific studies or tests? That may add a nice touch too!
    3. Are there different types of cloning? I found this resource from =,produces%20copies%20of%20whole%20animals.

    Hope this helps! Looking forward to your inquiry project!

    Warm Regards,


    • Hi Galicia,
      Thank you! To answer your questions, I will be researching cloning on a global scale! Hmmm, I will try to look on youtube for any videos with scientific studies or tests. I think tests may be harder to look for, but I will provide youtube videos of cloning that will relate to my rounds of research!

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