Blog post 2 – Are Vaccines safe? (project plan)

Amid the recent pandemic, an ongoing debate has sparked more interest: Are vaccines safe or not? People arguing that vaccination is not safe were previously referred to as anti-vaxxers, and were generally looked down on in the media. However, as a result of the new covid 19 vaccine, more and more people are begging to wonder whether vaccination is really safe, especially when the vaccine is as new as this one. For my inquiry question this semester, I have chosen to look into this debate in order to get a better idea of whether vaccines are or are not safe.


In my first round of research, I will be looking at how vaccines work. In order to understand different arguments, I first need to understand what exactly vaccines are, and how they help us build immunity.

Some sources I can use:

Understanding How Vaccines Work | CDC

How do vaccines work? (

How do vaccines work? – YouTube

Immune System, Part 2: Crash Course A&P #46 – YouTube

Vaccines 101: How vaccines work – YouTube


In my second round of research, I will be researching how vaccines are developed. This is to get a better sense of the research and study work put into creating this vaccines, and the measures they take to ensure our safety once taking the vaccine.

Some sources I can use:

Basics of Vaccines | CDC

How are vaccines developed? (

How a COVID vaccine is made: the step-by-step journey of a Pfizer dose (

How COVID Vaccines Are Made (English) – YouTube


Finally, In my third round of research, I will focus on the debate. I will be looking at both sides of the debate, and assessing common arguments. I’m hoping to be able to fact check these arguments using the information I will learn in my first and second round of research, to come to a final conclusion.

Some sources I can use:

The Side Effects of Vaccines – How High is the Risk? – YouTube

Debunking Anti-Vaxxers – YouTube

The Science of Anti-Vaccination – YouTube

Anti-vaxxer group ridiculed for asking to be called ‘vaccine risk aware’ instead | The Independent | The Independent

It’s Not Just The Anti-Vaxxers: Why Are So Many People Wary Of Covid-19 Vaccines? (

‘Anti-Vaxxers’ May Think Differently Than Other People (

‘Anti-Vaxxers’ May Think Differently Than Other People (


Thanks for reading my post, and I look forward collaborating with all of you!

-Jasmine Paduraru 🙂

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  1. Hi Jasmine,
    You chose a very interesting topic!
    1. Will be focusing on the people’s opinions on vaccines? If so, how do you plan on gathering the pieces of information?

    2. – This is a reliable website about “Vaccine safety”

    Overall, I am very curious about this topic and I look forward to your research,
    – Lokshana 🙂

    • Hi Lokshana!

      I am going to look into different opinions during my third round of research. I think it’s going to be very interesting, because I’m planning on not only using different opinionated articles, but also other forms of media as well like twitter, YouTube, and maybe even Tiktok. The average person doesn’t write articles when they want to express their opinion, but they turn to social media instead. Therefore, I think by looking at different points of view on social media platforms, I’ll be able to see a wider variety of opinions.

      Thank you very much for your source 🙂
      -Jasmine Paduraru

  2. Hi Jasmine,
    Very interesting question. Personally, I strongly believe and trust science, but I find it interesting to see other peoples perspectives. Will you be discussing different types of vaccines? (ex. mRNA) Also, will you be seeing this from a scientific or moral perspective?
    Here is a source from the CDC about mRNA covid vaccines:
    Best of luck on your research, looking forward to reading more,
    Nikki S.

    • Hi Nikki!

      In my first two round of research, I’ll be looking at this question strictly from a scientific perspective. I am planning on discussing different types of vaccines because I assume they all have different risk factors, but I’m honestly not sure how much I’ll be able to include, as I’m worried it’ll get over complicated. During my third round of research, I will be looking at this question from other perspectives, including a moral perspective.

      Thank you for the source 🙂
      -Jasmine Paduraru

  3. Hi Jasmine,

    I like how you included specific sources you can use for each round of research. The question of vaccine safety seems more relevant now than ever especially with the mass distribution of a global vaccination effort. Will you be looking at which groups of individuals may be more susceptible to risks from vaccines?

    Here are two video sources that really helped me understand how vaccines function as well as how they are created and distributed:

    I look forward to seeing what you do in the future!

    • Hi Rasee!

      I’ll definitely be researching which groups of people are more at risk when it comes to vaccines. I think it’s really important to acknowledge that not everyone is the same, and that we can be affected differently by vaccines depending on a variety of different factors.

      Thank you very much for the video sources, I love learning things through video because it’s easier to remember when you have some sort of visual:)

      -Jasmine Paduraru

  4. Hi Jasmine,
    Interesting plan you have! I look forward to reading your posts as I am very curious!
    Will you be looking into overall vaccines or specifically the covid-19 vaccine?
    Also, there are many theories of what is in vaccines, especially in the covid-19 vaccine. Will you be looking into theories people have on vaccines such as what they think is in the vaccines?
    Best of luck on your research!

    • Hi Karina!

      I am planning on overviewing all vaccines in general, but looking into the covid-19 vaccine in more detail. I would like to gain an understanding of vaccines as a whole, but since there are so many different kinds, it may get too complicated for this project. Therefore, when it comes to the little details, I’ll be looking into the covid-19 vaccine specifically.

      I’ll be researching different conspiracy theories and opinions surrounding the covid-19 vaccine during my third round of research.

      -Jasmine Paduraru

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