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I am a Butterfly Effect Alumni. A graduate from Masinde Muliro University of Science and technology, with a degree in Biotechnology. Previously working at Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) in Nairobi, Kenya. Currently, I am a Master's student at the University of Iceland (program-medical life science). I am also a research associate at deCODE Genetics, in Reykjavik Iceland. Researching regulation of fetal hemoglobin levels in erythroid progenitor cells. The research is aimed at contributing to gene therapy options for sickle cell patients.

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  1. Hii Sarnaver,
    Congratulations on the degree in Biotechnology!! Do you enjoy working at Kenya Medical Research Institute?
    If you don’t mind me asking, do plan on working at other places other than the Kenya Medical Research Institute?

    -Lokshana 🙂

    • Hello Lona.
      I really enjoy working at KEMRI. There is still a lot to learn as I prepare for my masters classes. There is also field work involved which is so much fun.
      Yes I am planning to work somewhere else. I will be working at Decode- genetics company in Iceland during my MSc studies. Also I hope to work with CDC once I am through with the studies.
      I just read that you are getting into adulthood soon, so welcome to adulthood. And allow me to ask what are you excited about and hopping to do as an adult that you couldn’t do before. Also what is your ideal career or what are your career aspirations.

      • Hi Sarnaver,
        I see you have everything planned out. I hope you find your success 🙂

        Right adulthood!! Well to answer your question, I’m excited about all the adult stuff in general such as being able to vote, play a lottery, having chocolate cake for breakfast :), etc… I’m also excited to gain important experience and face difficult adult problems and responsibilities. (it’s said than done 🙂 )
        How was your first step into adulthood?

        As far as a career, I want to pursue a career in Law – for example, a lawyer.

  2. Hi Sarnaver,
    I’m very glad to see that you enjoy biology! It is one of my favorite topics. I have always wanted to do research in science fields as well. I assume that you chose this field because you wanted to help others using science but are there any other reasons?
    Is there a specific branch of biotechnology that you studied?
    Have you done studies/research on bacteriophages?
    I have been so interested in them lately, as there are many possibilities for future implications.
    Best of luck in your future and current careers,
    Nikki S.

    • Hello Nikki.
      I am happy to connect with you.
      You are right I choose biology because I get to help people through medical research, But I also chose it for the fulfilment and the endless learning. What I mean is in Biological field and specifically in Human molecular biology and human genetics there is a lot to learn since the scientists have barely scratched the surface of the human genome knowledge. I am mostly thrilled when I learn something new about how my body operates.
      I studied bacteriophage in 1st year of university but I haven’t done any research on it yet.
      I am glad to know you are interested in microbiology it is a fascinating area too.
      I checked out your story and learnt that you love classical music and politics which of this interest do you see yourself making a lifetime career out of?
      Have you started playing in public and what is your favorite song?
      Also inline with politics have you tried high school leadership positions? I was the high school president and the challenges and responsibilities taught me valuable lessons that drives me on even today. you should try it.

  3. Hi Sarnaver!
    Thank you for sharing a little bit about yourself!
    That is wonderful that you have received a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology! May I ask what are you currently researching at Kenya Medical Research Institute?

    • Hello Karina,
      I am happy to connect with you.
      At Kemri I am helping MSc students with their research as I prepare a proposal for my project on Regulation of fetal hemoglobin in erythroid progenitor cells” with a focus on gaining a better understanding of the genetic basis of the regulation of fetal hemoglobin generation in red blood cell precursors. “Understanding the genetic basis and the biological pathways involved in the regulation fetal hemoglobin levels in red blood cells is of great importance and might open up the possibility of identifying key regulatory molecules that could serve as a target for therapeutic intervention in sickle cell disease”. This is the project I will be doing at Decode genetics starting on September for my MSc in university of Iceland.

      I read you story and allow me to ask as a computer programmer is it possible to develop an app that sensitizes youth to campaign and act in reducing plastic waste.( I am thinking since most youths like trendy stuff is it possible to make using plastic waste in DIY projects appealing to them so that they can help collect and reuse the plastics). Let me know if this makes any sense.

  4. Dear Sarnaver,

    Your extensive background on both your passions for sciences and technology are incredible! I am impressed by your academic accolades and achievements. I find it wonderful that you are working towards environmental conservation. I have two questions for you.

    1. Do you plan to stay in Nairobi for work, or do you want to move when you are later?
    2. What do you like to do in your free time for fun? Do you like researching a certain area of sciences?

    Your grammar and sentences are so beautiful and you write amazingly.

    Warm Regards,


    • Hello Galicia,
      I am Pleased to connect with you.
      I am planning to move to Iceland for two years, then I will come back to Kenya and settle in Nairobi. Hoping to work with CDC here in Nairobi.
      Honestly during my free time I watch Netflix or take a stroll and enjoy nature, But on weekends I volunteer with peace ambassadors club and St. John ambulance in different activities, ( examples- children’s home visits, first aid training in the community, mental health campaigns, peace walks, anti-gigger campaigns, mission to the fatherless and many more ).
      Not really during my free time I try to focus on different fields, like recently I have developed an interest in cryptocurrency and I am learning all I can about it.
      Thank you for the compliment, I recently did a Tofel test and the revision was intense . Dr. Alison helped me study for the writing section, I think some of the skills stuck in my head.

      I read you post ‘about me’ and you were hoping to get some of your work published by 2020. If you did Kindly share the link with me , I would love to read your work.

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