Blog Post #2- Project Plan

Hello everyone!


My question is “What are the effects of affirmations and subliminal messages that are being used for manifestation?”


My three steps of research will look like this…


  1. What are affirmations and subliminal messages
  2. What scientific effects do affirmations and subliminal messages have on a person
  3. Did it work for me? Did it work for others?


My first round will break down what affirmations and subliminal messages are and what the intentions are. This will introduce the main building blocks of my project and make it easy to follow the rest of my research.


My second round will dive into the logistics of affirmations and subliminal messages. I want to see if there even is any scientific effects behind these methods of manifestation or if it is some type of placebo effect.


My last round will follow my experience with affirmations and subliminal messages. I will be trying them throughout the research of this project and reflecting on how I personally feel about them in this round. I will also be researching others experiences with these methods if manifestation and compare the results.


Here are my possible sources…



Hopefully, by answering this question I can debunk some common misconceptions and help people stay safe when using potentially dangerous things like secretly ill-intended subliminal messages. I may also be able to benefit from affirmations if it turns out that there is proven science behind them and I can share the newfound information with friends and family.


Thanks for reading!




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  1. Hey Shieva, what a great post! I find your topic super intriguing and quite novel, at least for me personally. Throughout my personal and academic life, I have learned very little about affirmations and subliminal messages, as well as the idea of manifestation as a whole, so reading your future posts will be a real treat! I also had a question about your third research round. I understand that you will be researching the effectiveness of the concepts mentioned to see if they work for others, but do you also plan on interviewing individuals from the school community to learn about their experiences? If not, I think that could be a really cool idea if you have the time to make it happen. Great job on your plan!

    • Hi Victor, that’s actually a really cool idea! I’ll see if I can find anyone willing to be interviewed. I could even do a sort of survey if I can’t find anyone. Thanks for the suggestion!

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