Blog post #1- What affects does decriminalization of drugs have on society?

What affects does decriminalization of drugs have on society?

I find this question interesting because I enjoy seeing different perspectives. Everyone has different opinions about decriminalization of drugs. There are pros and cons and many companies that are biased. I am interested in seeing the effects that drugs have on the brain, and if there are any circumstances (ex. terminal illness) where the pros would out weight the cons. I would also like to see why people are attracted to drugs, and how they are presented in different generations. For example, recent generations are much more comfortable with marijuna, compared to older generations. In addition, younger generations seem very against cigarettes. It is an important topic to discuss, as it is a current problem.

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  1. Hey Nikki!
    This looks like a very interesting and important topic, and i look forward to reading it. This is a very current problem as people nowadays are getting more and more comfortable talking about drugs or actually doing them, whether it’s medicinal or not. It has become some sort of escape to people, well it’s been one for quite a while now, it’s just that they’re sort of “normalized” now. I think you can cover a lot about teens mental health and how it’s linked to the increased affect of decriminalization of drugs have in our society.
    Good luck!!

    • Hi Ronnie,
      Thank you! I agree that I can talk about teens mental health. It is a huge factor in this conversation. Drugs have become very normalized, especially marijuana. I see young adults and teenagers treating it like candy, when it is a drug with unknown side effects.
      I would also love to talk about medicinal drugs and their benefits (terminal illness, etc.)
      Thanks again for the feedback,

  2. Great job on the post, Nikki! I find this question incredibly due in large part to how relevant it is now; talks on making decriminalization a reality have in large part succeeded and most parts of the country have either already done so or are planning to do so soon. I do have a few questions for you though:
    1. Will you touch on mental illness and how it affects people’s susceptibility to drugs?
    2. Will you look into why youths are supportive of marijuana, but not of cigarettes when both pose a considerable health risk?
    3. Will you touch on if and how decriminalization will change our schooling?

    • Hi Victor,
      Great questions! I believe I mentioned that I will be discussing why youths are supportive of marijuana, but not of cigarettes. This is actually the question that led me to this inquiry project:)
      I will most likely discuss mental illness, as this is a question in the psychology field. As I am discussing the pros and cons, mental health must be mentioned. As for school, this is also very important factor I will try to mention in my pros and con list. Personally, I noticed how common marijuana became in school after it became legal. It would be interesting to see how decriminalization would affect our school and future generations.
      Thanks for the great questions Victor!
      – Nikki

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