Blog post 1 – Are vaccines safe?


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Are vaccines safe?


Why I chose this question:

There was always an ongoing debate about vaccine safety, but it seems to have become more prevalent because the current pandemic. Despite the constant reassurance of medical professionals, many people chose not to vaccinate their children, and to speak out against what they believe to be a safety threat. Honestly, I couldn’t see where they were coming from. It seemed to me that arguments against vaccination were void of all logic. However, amid the covid 19 pandemic, I found myself wondering if the making of the new covid vaccine might have been a too rushed. Did we have enough time to test it properly? Is it safe? I figured that many people are probably asking themselves the, so I figured it would be the perfect research question for me this semester! I am planning on not only looking into the safety debate, but also how vaccines work and are made.

I look forward to reading all your posts,

-Jasmine 🙂

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  1. Hi Jasmine!
    My goodness, this is a very interesting topic and I am very excited to read your rounds of research on vaccines!
    I do agree that this is a perfect time to look into vaccines as of right now. As there have been many people mentioning whether these covid vaccines have been rushed as well as the many conspiracy theories related to vaccines in general.
    Good luck!

  2. Hi Jasmine,

    Very topical question for sure! I think there has been a lot of misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine. If you’re asking if vaccines in general are safe then it’s best to look at them individually to make that decision because the science behind a vaccine works but maybe some are less effective if that’s what you are asking. As for the recent vaccine, I think researching this question could separate stigma from reality.

    Good luck!

    Shieva Mokhtarnameh

    • Hi Shieva!

      I think you make a great point. Each vaccine is different, so they all probably function in slightly different ways and could have different risk factors. I was thinking into focusing mainly on the new COVID vaccine since there is lots of easily accessible information about it. Also, thank you for the sources!


  3. Hey Jasmine,
    This topic is great to be investigated because of how relevant it is to us right now. When I took life science 11 last quarter our teacher had took us that the vaccine is safe, as it’s made out of MRNA, and it’s been made and tested just like any other vaccine. He also told us that because covid is a priority in the medical community right now that’s why it may seem like it’s rushed, when it’s actually made just like the other one, with less procrastination i guess lol.
    anyways i would love to read all your future posts!
    Good luck!!

  4. Great post Jasmine! I find your question super intriguing and perfectly relevant to our strange times. As this pandemic edges on, the end of it draws near with the group of fast-tracked vaccines already being administered to thousands of our most vulnerable individuals. I cannot wait to read your future posts and I have some questions for you:
    1. Will you touch on the alleged link between autism and vaccines?
    2. Will you look into how vaccines can sometimes be dangerous for certain people?
    3. Will you touch on bizarre conspiracy theories that vaccines track our movements?
    4. Do you personally believe that the COVID-2019 vaccines were rushed?

    • Hi Victor!

      I am definitely planning on looking into the connection drawn between autism and vaccination, since it’s one of the biggest concerns parents seem to have. It’s interesting that you mention the fact that different people have different risk factors when it comes to taking vaccines, since that was honestly something I hadn’t yet thought of. I’ll definitely include it, since I think it’s a pretty crucial piece of information! As for the conspiracy theories, I was shocked by some of the ones I’ve heard about vaccination over the last couple months. These conspiracy theories will definitely be a big part of my third round of research, when I’ll really get into the debate to debunk certain myths. I saw that you are doing your research about conspiracy theories this semester; you chose a great topic! We might have some similarities in our research 🙂 Personally, I believe the COVID vaccine was rushed, since we really needed the vaccine as soon as possible. However, I don’t think this necessarily affects how safe or effective the vaccine is. I believe that instead of doing a small amount of work over a large amount of time, they did a large amount of work during a short amount of time, because there was no time to waste. I think that that’s why it seemed so rushed in comparison to other vaccines.

      Thanks for your comment, it really got me thinking!

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