Blog #1 – How Will Electric Cars Dominate Gas Cars in the Future?

Did you know that electric cars actually isn’t a new concept? In 1884, English engineer Thomas Parker built the electric car in Wolverhampton. The vehicle is capable of carrying three men and it also has electric lights. Throughout the years, we see popular car brands such as Nissan and Volvo coming up with their own electric vehicles. Tesla, arguably the most famous electric car manufacture, is releasing electric cars that greatly surpassed the limitations of regular gasoline vehicles. So why is the car industry shifting from gasoline to electricity? One main reason is that it removes the carbon dioxide emissions. In this research project, I’m looking forward to learning about the benefits of electric cars and how they will revolutionize our transportation system in the near future.

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  1. Hi there Lucas,

    I want to say two very intriguing points about your topic. First, you chose the word “how” which has implications of it already becoming dominant, which is very much apparent in today’s society. And secondly, the fact that you are moreso doing a compare and contrast of the two options. I look forward to reading about the benefits of electric cars and how they will revolutionize our transportation system in the near future.

    Here are some resources about their development: (You can learn about General Motor’s impacts on this subject!)

    Warm Regards,


  2. Hi Lucas,

    Interesting question and I am looking forward to following your research because personally, I know a lot of people who are interested in electric cars since they are proven to be very beneficial for our environment.
    – Will you be talking about the pros & cons of electric cars in your research?

    Good luck! I look forward to your posts.
    -Lokshana 🙂

  3. Hey Lucas,
    Firstly, I really enjoyed your opening line! Secondly, I think this is a great question you will be looking into! I am quite shocked to learn that electric cars have been around since 1884! I am interested in learning more about electric cars as I know very little about them!
    I am looking forward to your future posts.
    Good luck!

  4. Hi Lucas,
    What an interesting question! I had no idea that electric cars have been around that long! With the progress of climate change and the urgency for a solution, electric cars are seen as an effective solution. Are there potential negative effects for the environment, different to the emissions caused by gas cars that may arise? Will the industry of electric cars slowly grow and expand, or would there be a mass expansion of electric car manufacturing? And how would that affect the economy?
    I look forward to reading your future posts!

  5. Great post Lucas! I never knew that the electric car was actually first conceived over 135 years ago and that it was so capable considering the limitations of the time! I really hope you touch more on the history of electric vehicles in your future posts! Here are some questions I have for you:
    1. Will you touch on how electric vehicles produce a huge amount of pollutants during their production and the production of their batteries!
    2. Will you look into how sustainable traditional battery based electric vehicles are, considering the scarcity of the components in them?
    3. Will you touch on the different types of electric vehicles (battery VS hydrogen) and what the pros/cons are for each type?

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