Blog #1: Inquiry Project

Hello everyone!

My question is “What are the effects of affirmations and subliminal messages that are being used for manifestation?”

This question is of interest to me because I’ve been skeptical of the sites I have been seeing recently saying that writing/talking about what you want in life (positive affirmations) will come to you if you believe it will. More specifically, these affirmations existing in subliminal messages. It’s hard to believe what I want is going to manifest from seemingly nothing but to listen to subliminal messages instead of saying what I want is even more absurd than just the affirmations. The idea around listening to subliminal messages is to get messages that would normally be in affirmations to go directly to your subconscious. I think more people who are skeptical of affirmations use subliminal messages because they don’t have to believe what they are hearing. I want to know if this is some type of placebo effect or does it truly work to hear about what you want to manifest it. Lastly, I know that subliminal messages are also used with bad intentions; used on unknowing people to make them believe feel bad (feelings of unworthiness or uselessness) and I think seeing if people with bad intentions succeed can prove if the people with good intentions can also achieve their goal.


Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi Shieva,
    this is a very interesting question you will be looking into! I’ve actually only heard of positive Subliminals, but it’s quite interesting to know that there could be bad intentions used with Subliminals!
    I am looking forward to your three rounds of research!
    Best of luck!

  2. Hey Shieva,
    I really look forward to reading your research because I’ve been manifesting using different methods for a while now and subliminal is one of them. Personally, I’ve only seen positive outcome so far and I think for subliminal you really have to be careful on which youtuber/ subliminal maker you listen to. Reading the comments helps. I think subliminal work to a certain extent, I do believe it’s also a type of placebo effect. I look forward to reading your research and learning more about this!

  3. Hi Shieva!

    I think that your inquiry question is very interesting. I’ve been seeing manifestation become a trend, especially on tiktok. Unfortunately, many methods I’ve seen contradict each other, and it’s hard to tell whether a source is credible or not. A common method I’ve seen is the 369 method. I’ll link it below:,easiness%20of%20integrating%20it%20into%20your%20daily%20lives.

    There’s also a trend of something called “whitchtok” too, where tiktok users teach others how to practise witchcraft. Some of these methods overlap with manifestation, taking it a step further, and many claim that they work, although I have yet to see solid evidence. However, if it is real, I figure it could be dangerous for people to practise it based on vague 15 second instructional videos. Many are embracing this new spiritualism, but other claim it to be a form of cultural appropriation. Link about that here:

    I look forward to reading your research,
    Jasmine 🙂

  4. Hi Shieva,
    This is a very interesting topic! Manifesting has been trending for a while now, and I never liked the idea of it. I think it is quite strange, as in most cultures (ex. Persian culture) we think more about humility and not saying what you are good at. To me, the Evil Eye makes more sense then manifesting and affirmations.
    Your definitely right about people with bad intentions taking advantage. One of my friend showed me a subliminal with the music off, saying very dark things. Though I don’t believe that manifesting works, it’s still really scary to think about what people can do with it.
    Best of luck on your research! I look forward to reading your future posts.
    Nikki S.

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