Blog Post #6 — Reflection (Metamorphosis) — Does Law Affect Our Morality?

Blog Post #6– Reflection (Metamorphosis)

Does Law Affect Our Morality?

a. What challenges did you overcome throughout this inquiry project? How did you go about
overcoming these challenges?

Throughout the inquiry project, I stumbled across quite a few missteps. For my original project plan, I was going to discuss cases where law had authority over morality and vice versa. But I found out quickly that there wasn’t a lot of cases regarding to this problem. They were mostly theory-based research and studies. So I incorporated more daily life examples into my research hoping it would make the concept easier to understand. Finding different information for my different blog posts was also a challenge because a lot of the information i found online is similar or it just wasn’t what i wanted. I had to read lots of news to find information and quotes to fit my topic, but in a way, i learnt a lot more reading newspapers than I did repeatedly reading through similar researches. Remaining unbiased was also a challenge. I personally don’t think Law affects morality but as I am doing research, i should be focusing on both sides of the story. I found a lot of useful information for both (the law does/ doesn’t affect morality) and i utilized it in a way where it doesn’t seem biased.

b. How did this inquiry change the way you think?

I used to think that morality and law are two separate topics. They’re black and white; law is law, morality is morality. I didn’t know there was such a connection between law and morality that impacts our daily life and life choices. After rounds and rounds of search, i understand the connection between law and morality. There’s a gray area there that our law is trying to hide. They both regulate the conduct of the individuals in society. The law of state thus adheres to the common standard of morality. I think that there is only a visible difference between the 2 because the two concepts are complementary. This makes me think about my daily life and choices more as to why i am obeying the law? Is this worth obeying? Is this morally correct?

c. How did this investigation impact your future decisions?

As i mentioned above, this research helped me think more about why we have to obey certain rules in society that might not be morally correct all the time. In my opinion, morality is the quality of being in agreement with standards of right or wrong behaviour. Morality, speaks of a system of behaviour regarding society’s standards for right or wrong. Law is another system that’s engraved in our society separating the rights and wrongs. How the 2 work together to keep the society intact would be a good research topic in the future and a good thought to keep in mind for discussion. Our morality isn’t black and white. This is a thought i would keep in mind all the time in the future and when making decisions, i would consider if the matter is morally correct or not.

d. What impact will this investigation have on others locally and/or globally?

This research will urge people to consider the moral behind each law. Is it actually morally correct? If not, what can we do to change it to make the law better suit for our society? For example the death penalty. This is in no way morally correct, yet it is a law. People realize that and began to sign petitions, protest, advocate on social media platforms etc. This research could be a wake-up call to people to stop defending laws that are immoral and start considering whether something is morally correct thus changing this society for the better.

5 Replies to “Blog Post #6 — Reflection (Metamorphosis) — Does Law Affect Our Morality?”

  1. Hello Ronnie,
    This was a very interesting topic and an eye opener for me. I am so fascinated by how much you learnt through research and changed your perspective. I was attracted more by your example on the death penalty, and the fact that it is still law even if it’s immoral. I am looking forward to learning more about this from you. If interested to explore more, check whether we can operate effectively guided by morals alone.

  2. Hello Ronnie!
    I enjoyed reading your reflection metamorphosis. I loved that you tried to remained unbiased during your research and therefore you came up with a lot of interesting views on how law co-relates with Morality. I personally have never thought of how those two could co-relate. Good job!

  3. Hi!
    Wow, this was a very great reflection as well as an excellent inquiry question! I was really interested in each of your rounds of research! I learnt so much through each post of your inquiry question!
    Great job! I am looking forward to your future posts, Ronnie!

  4. Hi Ronnie,
    What an interesting question! I just started taking Law 12 and the question of ethics and morality is constantly questioned when it comes to law. Because the law can be interpreted in several different ways, we have to ask if individual morals should be taken into account when considering a law? Does the morally correct solution infringe on the Human Rights and Freedoms stated in the constitution? Who decided what’s morally correct?

    This is such a broad and interesting topic! Congrats on completing your inquiry!

  5. Hi Ronnie,

    Your inquiry metamorphis was a wonderful read! I did especially enjoy how you said this inquiry research project helped you ‘think more about why we have to obey certain rules in society that might not be morally correct all the time.’ I also agree with you on the fact that morality is the quality of being in agreement with standards of right or wrong behaviour.

    Will you be continuing your research?

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