Blog Post #6 – Reflection (Metamorphosis) – What are the impacts of being born blind compred to losing sight later on in life?

Hello, everyone! I hope you are doing well!

Here is my reflection of the inquiry question I did for my three rounds of research:

a) What challenges did you overcome throughout this inquiry question? How did you go about?

The first challenge I faced was while I was researching in which I ended up having a hard time finding reputable sources. However, receiving a few website recommendations from my peers in the comments of my posts were quite helpful. As well as just continuing to punch in different keywords and continuing research to find more reputable sources ended up helping me find all the information I needed and the reputable sources I needed. The second challenge I faced was finding the necessary information. While I was researching, I found quite interesting information that I wanted to use, but they did not relate to my topic exactly of the impacts of being born blind and losing sight later in life. At first, researching for any impacts of losing sight later in life was quite tough. Including the challenge of not being able to find many reputable sources in the first place. However, I just continued researching and kept looking at multiple websites and articles. Eventually, I was able to find the impacts (emotionally and physically) of losing sight later in life and when born. As well as different learning styles and more about ableism. 

b) How did this inquiry change the way you think?

The inquiry question I researched on has allowed me to have a better understanding of how one may feel when dealing with impaired vision. After looking into some interviews of those who lost sight later in life, I feel that I have more of an understanding of how others may feel. Even though everyone will have their own way of coping and reacting to their loss in vision. Next, this will change my thinking of how I can try to be more helpful/involved in the future. How I may be able to help some people who are visually impaired. Such as being able to talk about them and help cope with them. Perhaps for those who are much younger, I would love to help them learn objects and help them learn how to recognize them in the future. Children growing up blind do not tend to go and explore their environment and it would be great to help them in those ways. This inquiry has changed my thinking in many ways. I overall feel that I have a very basic understanding of what visually impaired people may feel (physically and emotionally) and how they may not be able to do certain things. they once used to be able to do.

c) How did this investigation impact your future decisions?

If anyone I know becomes visually impaired or I meet someone visually impaired, I would have a somewhat basic understanding of what they are going through and what I can do to help. I enjoy helping and being able to help someone with what they are coping and what they are going through will hopefully be helpful. Also, If I somehow were able to have the opportunity to help those who are visually impaired or who are born visually impaired, I would want to partake in creating a game or interactive way for those who are blind and those who are not to connect in a better way. Children who are born blind have a hard time connecting and talking to others who are not. It would be fantastic to see in the future more ways for children visually impaired and not interact with each other through games or books and such.

d) What impact will this investigation have on others locally and/or globally?

This will impact those locally as this may help in some way inform those who are not visually impaired to understand and help cope with those who are visually impaired. Whether this is emotionally and/or physically. Also, this investigation may show and teach others of how they may be not so understanding to those who are visually impaired in a workplace and such. 

6 Replies to “Blog Post #6 – Reflection (Metamorphosis) – What are the impacts of being born blind compred to losing sight later on in life?”

  1. Hi Karina!

    I really enjoyed following your research this semester! It was very interesting and I learnt a lot. As a person who is currently working in customer service, your research has made a pretty big impact on me, since I am know better able to understand and help visually impaired people I may encounter on and off the job.

    Amazing research, and I look forward to reading your future posts,
    Jasmine Paduraru 🙂

    • Jasmine,
      Thank you! Oh, that makes me so happy that my research has made some sort of impact on you! I am glad you are better able to understand! After finishing my research and such, I also feel that I have a better understanding and can hopefully help in some way with visually impaired people!

  2. Hello Karina,

    I really enjoyed reading and following your posts. I learned many things about people that are born blind versus people who lost their vision. I also had some trouble finding reputable and reliable information. This is a great topic because it helps us understand the situation and difficulties that this group of people face.

    Great research and I’ll see you later with your new topic!

  3. Hello Karina,
    your inquiry research was very interesting to read about. I can tell you for sure that from your research and information I came to understand those who are visually impaired and those who are not visually impaired better than before. I can now understand the difficulties they have to face each day. And I think you did a great job of choosing this as your topic because it is however a topic that many people don’t understand unless they put themselves in the shoes of significant others.

    Overall, great research! I look forward to your future work/researches.
    – Lokshana 🙂

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