Blog Post #6 – Reflection (Metamorphosis) – How Does Different Genres of Music Affect Different Living Beings?

Blog Post #6 – Reflection (Metamorphosis) – How Does Different Genres of Music Affect Different Living Beings?


Karen Zoulau


What challenges did you overcome throughout this project? How did you go about overcoming these challenges?

One of the few challenges I had faced throughout this project was the lack of information on Google. When I was researching on how playing an instrument can impact the human brain, I didn’t find much information. I overcame this challenge by searching in different places. Instead of just searching on Google, I tried searching on browsers like Yahoo and Youtube, trying to find more information in different places. Eventually, I came across the information I was looking for, therefore overcoming the challenge.  Another challenge that I faced was when I didn’t quite know how to word a sentence. Sometimes past tense and present tense get confusing, and when I read the sentence, it just doesn’t seem to make sense. Especially when I was writing about how the researchers studied on how plants reacted to music, I made a lot of mistakes in differentiating the past and present tense. I overcame this challenge by looking back through my notes in English 9, and researching on the internet. When I found out that I was supposed to keep the tense the way it originated in, I finally solved my issue.

How did this inquiry change the way you think?

This inquiry made a large impact on how I view music. I first thought that music was just a quick, temporary way to fix your mood and to make it better, but after completing this inquiry project, I noticed that it was much more. When I researched on how classical music affects your brain, I found out that it can actually give you the ability to focus and memorize things easier. I found this shocking because I never knew there were more beneficial effects than a mood change. Also, when I researched on how plants were affected, I assumed that the plants would grow larger, and that information is correct, but I never thought that plants could overdose on music. It makes me think of music as a “healthy drug” in some way or another. When I learned that dogs would shake when they listened to heavy metal, I couldn’t believe it. This means that some types of music can induce more stress and anxiety. I never thought that certain genres of music could lead to negative effects. This made me feel like I should listen to less rock, since there were negative effects found in dogs.

How did this investigation impact your future decisions?

This investigation will impact my future decisions. I know this because when I researched about music on humans, I found a lack of creativity in the people who listened to pop a lot, a negative trait. Knowing this, I will listen to less pop music because it can cause a deficiency of creativity. When I listen to jazz music or classical music, I can feel myself sink into the mood of the song, and feel better by listening to it. I also found out in my investigation that classical music can help your concentration and sympathy skills gain a boost. Knowing that there are positive rewards associated with listening to classical pieces, therefore, I will listen to more classical music than pop.

What impact will this investigation have on others locally/globally?

This investigation will make others locally and globally wish to listen to music or play an instrument more. I hope that I can persuade people to bring more music into their lives because it can really affect people’s mood and feelings. When they learn that listening to classical and jazz music gives the most positive rewards for the human body, people will want to listen to more of this genre. Especially when they notice my research done on what playing an instrument does to your brain, readers should feel their hands itching for an instrument to play.



6 Replies to “Blog Post #6 – Reflection (Metamorphosis) – How Does Different Genres of Music Affect Different Living Beings?”

  1. Hi Karen!
    Very nice reflection! As well as an excellent question! I really enjoyed reading your three rounds of research, especially learning more about how music affects plants and animals in different ways! Through each round of your research, I learnt so much!
    Are you planning to do inquiry or action next?
    Am looking forward to more of your future posts!

  2. Hello Karen,
    I enjoyed reading your inquiry project since music also plays a big role in my life. Learning that music could affect all living things is really interesting to me. Good job on your project and I’ll see you in the next one!

  3. Hi Karen,

    I remember enjoying your research from your very first round. Great work on comparing music with different species. I was suprised by your point on the fact that there is often ‘a lack of creativity in the people who listened to pop a lot, a negative trait.’

    Will you be continuing your research?

  4. Hey!
    I enjoyed reading your research and listening to your celebration of learning the other day. I’ve read that wording sentences is a challenge of yours. even though you’ve overcome the issue, you can always ask me for help if you need it. I’m happy to help! Goodjob on your project! keep it up!

  5. Hello Karen! I really enjoyed reading your reflection, just as I enjoyed reading all the other parts of your project. What I found pretty interesting in this post however, was your way of overcoming a lack of information on the Google search engine. Surprisingly enough and likely due to virtually everyone’s reliance on Google, I have never seen someone mention that they swapped search engines to find more results. Smart!

  6. Hi Karen,
    I found your project quite interesting! I think people should listen to classical music more. Personally, I love classical music, from almost all eras. Will you be researching more in depth about this in your next inquiry or will you be changing the topic?

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