Blog Post #4 – Inquiry Research Round #2 – How Does Different Genres of Music Affect Different Living Beings?

“How Does Different Genres of Music Affect Different Living Beings?”

How Does Music Affect Plants?

By: Karen Zoulau

          In 1962, Dr. T.C. Singh, Head of Botany at Annamalia University made one of the earliest studies on how music affected plants [1]. He experimented on Balsam plants. When they listened to classical music, they grew 20% more and had an increase of 72% in biomass when compared to the other plants that did not get music [1]. The plants that were exposed to classical and jazz music grew towards the speaker [1] while the plants that listened to rock music grew away from the speakers and showed signs that are similar to overwatering [1]. The vibrations of certain types of music and sounds can stimulate the plant’s growth [1]. Plants do not have ears, so they cannot hear sound [2]. They can only feel vibrations that the sound waves emit [2]. The vibrations stimulate the plant cells and can make the nutrients feel encouraged to move through the plant’s body [2]. It promotes new growth and strengthens their immune system [2]. Most sounds have the ability to stimulate growth in plants [3]. Plants that are exposed to sounds six hours a day, had more growth when compared to the plants that didn’t listen to anything [3]. Music gives off the same effects as non-musical sounds [3]. One type of sound is not better than the other. Studies have shown that exposing plants to music for more than three hours a day can endanger the plant’s health [4]. An overdose on music can contribute to more negative effects, for example: shell resonance [4]. Plants that listened to rock music seemed to deteriorate more quickly and died within a few weeks [5]. It seems as if the vibrations caused by rock music gives off a large amount of pressure for the plants, which does not benefit the plant’s growth [5]. Even with all of these tests and experiments. there is no concrete, conclusive evidence that music actually helps plants grow [5]. More scientific tests are needed [5]. Interestingly, plants can listen to vibrations from other plants [3], when being near other plants, there will be better growth [3]. 
This is why plants grow better near other plants rather than growing alone. It’s especially strange to know that plants have specific tastes in music, just like humans [2]. Roses seem to like violin music [2] the most when compared to other genres of music. Most plants appreciate classical or jazz music, as it often increases their growth [2]. Metal music induces a lot of stress in plants [2]. The vibrations of metal seem to be just a bit intense for the plants, because it stimulates their cells a little too much [2]. So, if you have plants at home, you could try giving them some classical music from time to time. It could really aid in their growth.

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  1. Hi Karen,

    Wow! it’s really strange to hear how plants can react to different types of music. As music changes plants, I think it also affects individuals when they’re listening to music. You might be a different person today if you have listened to a different type of music.

    See you at your final research round!

  2. Hi Karen!
    Wow, I really enjoyed reading your post! I was quite surprised to learn that plants deteriate more quickly when listening to rock music. As well as that plants can have an overdose on music. That came as a big surprise for me. Overall, I enjoyed reading your second round of research and am looking forwards to your next post!
    I found a few sites that may help you in your third round of research:

    (This article is a bit of a long read, but reading the Introduction, discussion, and conclusion may be most helpful in your third round of research)


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