Advantages Of Smartphones

 Advantages Of Smartphones.


1: Instant communication.

Smartphones have improved communication in various ways like;


Video calls.

A video call is a phone call using internet connection, sometimes called the VoIP, that is used to transmit a live picture of a person making the call (1). It is the nature of human beings to miss each other and there is more human connection with a video call than with an audio call (2). Smartphones have improved communication by having apps that allow for video calls.



Having email on our phones has certainly contributed to help those people who use email at work or in their personal life. You’ve got the ability to draft and respond emails throughout the day, even when you’re away from your computer (1).


2: Education

Education is the process of giving or receiving instruction especially at school or university. Smartphones have helped students to browse new words and search the internet to broaden their knowledge (3). People in Kenya are still in a debate whether phones should be allowed in school. According to me, I think they should because when notes are written in books the books may get lost, but when written in the phones the work is saved automatically. Also, carrying books everywhere will be tiresome but when the work is in the phone, one can read it at any time (3).


Work without play makes Jack a dull boy’ or ‘too much of anything is poisonous’. My point is that work without playing may not be healthy or fun. Smartphones are here to solve that problem. They have all the entertainment that you want, like games, shows, books etc.  I find it relaxing to watch comedy when I’m taking a break from school work. Entertainment gives us the moral to continue with the work that we are doing. The funny thing is that people may work and get tired but when music is turned on, they forget that they were tired and find themselves even more jovial to do the work (4). 

I currently do not have a phone, but I feel that I need one because of the advantages listed above. On top of that, I do computer studies in school and the phone may help me to understand the subject better. I think having a phone is also important for security reasons because I could call someone if I was in an unsafe situation. Which brings me to my questions for you.

Question time!


1: Do you have a smartphone? How many of your friends have them?

2: Do you think that smartphones should be allowed in school and why?






3 Replies to “Advantages Of Smartphones”

  1. Hi Dennis,

    I really enjoyed reading your post! I have a smartphone, and I’m pretty sure all of my friends to do. It’s very normalised, to the point where people see smartphones phones as a need and not a want. Personally, after having a phone, I don’t think i’d feel safe leaving the house without it.

    All throughout middle school, we weren’t allowed to use our smartphones during class, but in high school there are no rules. As much as I like having my phone with me, I don’t think it’s helpful to have during school. If anything, it’s a distraction! Sometimes I listen to soft music while I do schoolwork, because it helps me focus, but even then notifications sometimes distract me.

    I look forward to reading your future posts,
    -Jasmine 🙂

  2. Hey Denis, I like your question, i agree that students should learn to control themselves with their devices at school or work in the future, i look forward to seeing your final presentation

  3. Dear Denis,

    There are definitely a lot of advantages in owning a hand-held device, it is probably one of the most easy forms of communication out there.

    To answer your questions:
    1. “Do you have a smartphone? How many of your friends have them?” Yes, I have a smartphone, and all of my friends have them.
    2. “Do you think that smartphones should be allowed in school and why?” I think that smartphones should be allowed in school because students need to learn how to control themselves, and their temptations. Students should have rules, but some rights too. For example, during lunchtime the students are able to go on their devices, but not during a class lecture, etc.

    I found this part very interesting, “A video call is a phone call using internet connection, sometimes called the VoIP,” I never knew that a video call had another name.

    I’m looking forward to your research,

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