PA-MOJA Week Post

Hi guys! I never posted my PA-MOJA week post, so here it is!


  1. What do you do on your school holidays?

The Power Of 'Just Reading' A Good NovelI usually try to catch up on my sleep but often find myself losing more because I’m sleeping later without the motivation of needing to get up early for school. During the school breaks, I always have this personal tradition of making a list of books I want to get through. I love reading but I usually find that I get to read very few books with school and extracurricular activities. So, as soon as school is out, I pick up books from the library or from online and get reading! A couple of books I read in the summer that I really loved were Scythe, Starfish and The Great Gatsby. Other than that, I just spend more time with my family or do some art or bake treats – Mostly taking time to relax and unwind before all the work begins again.

  1. What music is currently popular? What music do you like?

Pin by Makayla Clark on Broadway Shows (With images) | Custom blanket gift,  Broadway shows, MusicalsI think rap and pop music is what’s most popular these days. It’s what I hear on the radio for the most part and what is more commonly known among people. I do listen to some pop songs and rap but I mostly love Broadway Musicals! I’ve never seen one Live, though I do hope to do so as soon as the Covid situation gets better. My favourite musicals are Hamilton, The Phantom of the Opera, Dear Evan Hansen, Wicked and Waitress! I love the music in all of them and the story they tell!

  1. What are some national holidays and how are they celebrated?

A national holiday many people celebrate is one we’re all familiar with – Christmas (December 25th). Though it is a celebration that originated from Christianity, many people just see it as a special day to spend with family, share gifts with each other and just be happy. The holiday season leading up to Christmas is one that is very memorable. This is because of all the decorations, with lights and wreaths, the signature colours of red and green and even the music. 

Another national holiday is thanksgiving (October 12th.) This day speaks for itself – it is a day that allows us to be thankful for everything we have and everything we can give. It’s a day that allows people to appreciate themselves, their families and their lives. It’s usually marked by a thanksgiving dinner with the family that normally involves a turkey meal.

New Year's Eve 2020 Gala Dinner - Italian Cultural CentreOne national holiday that is celebrated worldwide is of course New Year’s Day (January 1st.) It’s normally marked by beautiful fireworks lighting the sky and a gathering of friends and family. Many people make their new year’s resolution – Who they want to be, what they want to accomplish, how they want to live – on this day. Many friends and families also gather around the clock to wait excitedly for the seconds to tick by to exactly midnight when it would officially mean that a new year has started. It’s a day full of excitement and hope for a fresh start!

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  1. Hi Rasee!
    Over the summer I also read The Great Gatsby and it was fantastic. Also, I completely can relate to how it is quite hard to find time to read with school and extra-curriculars.
    I really enjoyed reading your post!

  2. Hi Rasee! I really enjoyed reading your post. I found it pretty interesting that you enjoy Broadway musicals, as I find that the amount of people that do is decently low in our community. Filled with entertainment, fantastic singing and acting, and mind-blowing set pieces, its quite the mystery why more people don’t enjoy them! I also found it super intriguing that you read lots of books. I love reading novels, mainly fantasy ones, and I am currently reading A Clash of Kings, the second installment in the A Song of Fire and Ice series; Game of Thrones can be really addicting!

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