Blog #3 Round 1 of research

How will Fashion look in the next 20 years?

Our world will change a lot in the next 20 years, things will change like technology, music and in the next 20 years, it is said the population of fully caucasian people will die down, with this what are some changes we can see in the future with fashion and trends. (1) Instead of just being seen as clothing, clothes will be used more to express ourselves and escape from reality. With people being more open to letting people express themselves it will be easier to wear what you want. They will also use synthetic fabrics simular to dry knit for keeping people warmer and they will expand on the research of human-made fabrics. (2) People will start to understand the impact that fast fashion has on the world and how they take advantage of child labour in less fortunate countries (usually Malaysia, China or Indonesia). Clothes will be pricier but at the cost that it will be made more sustainably and kept for longer as the trend cycles will be more of a preference and not a social thing. (3) Nowadays more than ever due to the pandemic, people are shopping online and some stores have to close down their retail chains. Even before the pandemic era of 2020, the rise of online shopping wasn’t going to slow down, why? People enjoy the comforts of their home and the reliability of not needing to transit or drive long ways to the nearest mall if they even have the store you wanted. For retail stores, it is a possibility that they may add more features to be consumer-friendly and convenient for everyone. We have the possibility to see features like testing clothes and beauty products online with a virtual scan of your face or body, having a virtual shopping cart with the clothes you chose ready for you at the front and even automatic charges to your bank account as soon as you leave the store. (4) What will the trends be and what will they look like? People will be more drawn to wearable tech, instead of focusing on body shape and the ideal shape people will be more drawn to style and colours. People will be more open to seeing all body types in clothing that would be considered as “only for slimmer people”. Everything will be designed to be more helpful and easy to use in our everyday lives. Certain countries will also start embracing their culture with what’s trendy worldwide as more mixed children will be born and their cultures will collide to show how their two or more cultures are beautiful. (5) What’s the future of the industry as a whole? Clothing and accessories will be made more high quality and better for the environment and we will be able to truly recycle clothing without donating. Stores will start to die down, studies show that 51% of shoppers prefer to shop online rather than inside a store. This means more brands will either have cool features in their stores or they will expand and try out the online market.



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  1. Hi Vianna,
    Your topic is very interesting! I like how you mentioned fashion changing along with culture and how they coincide with each other. You also talked about how most clothes will likely be bought online in the future; would this have a positive or negative effect on the clothing industries?

    Another aspect you could maybe look into in your next rounds of research is the impact of film and media on fashion.
    Here’s a link that might help:

    I look forward to reading your next posts!

  2. Hi Vianna,

    I find your topic very fascinating. I personally like types of fashion such as streetwear. In modern streetwear companies, I see that the vintage styles of the ’80s and ’90s are becoming more popular. I really like how you mentioned the virtual clothing try-on. I know that the sneaker app “GOAT” has a virtual shoe try-on feature through your cell phone camera. I’m looking forward to reading your next blog and learning about future fashion trends.

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