Blog Post #3- Inquiry Research Round #1- “Does Law Affect Morality”

Inquiry Research Round #1- “Does Law Affect Morality”

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My inquiry question here is on Whether Law affects our morality. My first round of research is: What is the law and what is morality.

SO, what is the law? Before we look into how the law is interpreted and the role it plays on society, we should clearly interpret what we mean when we say “law”. What is Law? Why does it exist and how is it defined? (1)

Law is something that touches us on a daily basis. It applies to everyone equally and dictates our lives on what we can and cannot do. It is used to settle conflicts, to correct and to govern. There are laws that are widely accepted and laws which bring controversies. Law plays a central role in our social, political and economic life. It is a set of rules created by the state institution. it is recognized by the state and enforced by state-authorized bodies. Let’s break it down into 3 key points of the critical factors in law-making (1)

  • only certain institutions can make law
  • the institutions that make law have been given the authority to do so
  • the sanctions are imposed by those given state authority to do so.

The term “morality” can be used in two situations: (2)

  1. referring to certain codes of conduct set by society or a group/ religion or individuals and their own acceptable behaviour
  2. referring to a code of conduct that would be put forward by all rational people.

Morality is from the Latin word “moralitas” which literally means manner, proper behaviour and character. It can be a body of standards or principles obtained from a specific person’s belief on what should be right or wrong. It can be precisely synonymous with “goodness” or “rightness”. (3)

Law Vs Morality:

Law and Morality

  • law is enforced by the state whereas morality is followed by institutions. If one disobeys or violates the law they are to be punished by the state. if one fails to observe the doubts of morality, they are more likely to be socially boycotted than punished. (4)
  • Morality concerns both external and internal affairs of one where law only concerns our external affairs. Law punishes one who violates laws with external actions. Law does not punish one for telling a lie or mentally abusing others. (1)
  • Law can be seen similar to morality in the sense of those virtues that are related to the common good. The law is to maximize benefits and minimize harm to its subjects. In a way that could be seen as aligning with utilitarian moral principles. (4)
  • Moral obligations are imposed on the law. People feel the need to follow the law because the law reflects morality in a lot of ways. (4)


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  1. Hi Ronnie,

    I think laws are created based on the morals of a group of people. Now living in western culture we are brought up to follow the laws in the Canada; This indirectly shaps our morals, being what we believe is right and wrong. Religion also tends to do this as well. When you live somewhere prodominanty Christian, the Christian morals rub off on you. As for your sub question on this post, you did a good job defining both law and morality. The link between the two is very strong to me because even though laws are focused on the good of the country, it is in the opinion of a certain group. I’m excited to see what your next steps will look like!

    Here are some hopefully helpful links

    Good luck!

    Shieva Mokhtarnameh

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