Blog Post #3 – Inquiry Research Round #1 – “To what extent does gender discrimination influence the world and people in our society?”

“To what extend does gender discrimination influence the world and the people in our society?”

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Lokshana Groodoyal social responsibility Research topic: “How & where does gender discrimination occurs.” –  November 11, 2020


Gender discrimination has been a very popular and active problem, not only in our society but worldwide. It has existed and supported many others for centuries.See the source image

Even researchers have found that gender discrimination “dates back more than 7,000 years” ago [1] and, they still have not found any solutions to get to the root of the problem. Even though many people who hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel have been supporting organizations, raising awareness, building programs and, many more to help end gender inequality, but no luck. Even popular representatives such as…

“UN Women” – that has four priority areas of women (1) “participate in and benefit equally from governance systems, (2) have income security meaning equal pay, (3) freedom “from all forms of violence and (4) receive the support needed to accomplish in life (right to resilience).

“Association for Women’s Rights in Development” – an international association for women’s rights across the world.

“Plan International” – A development mostly for children and “equality for girls”

And other organizations and plans on

Despite all the organizations to end gender discrimination, the world is getting very little help and the gender discrimination populations keep on growing. Therefore, many people wonder how gender discrimination still occurs and where to detect it.

       Well, gender discrimination occurs in many ways possible such as underrepresentation, objectification, job segregation, lack of legal protection, personal beliefs, lack of access to quality Health Care, and most importantly by the mentality of others. The 45th prime minister of United-States have a gender discrimination statement to a female American politician in one of his town hall-style event in VirSee the source imageginia Beach, gave an excellent example of how most discrimination occurs. He said, “Hillary doesn’t have a presidential look,”[2] (Trump 2016). Correspondingly, after a certain century, there will be a potential that a woman might be representing America; However, men or people with similar mentalities to Trump will still try to defame and suppress females and that’s why the world is not a world of free discrimination. Another cause of gender discrimination is gender stereotyping, where females and males are both portrayed as two different personalities, with different strengths and thoughts.

However, Gender Discrimination is an ongoing issue that occurs everywhere in the world. Exactly where? Well, to be more precise, gender inequality occurs in places such as, workplaces where some employers fail to hire people because of who they ( specifically gender base), at school, in sports, where females are portrayed as fragile and gentle and last, but not least, in the politics/votings, where women are seen as someone who doesn’t have much knowledge, sometimes the law can also be biased for example people are sometimes treated or profiled differently by the police just because of their gender. Sometimes the police act tougher on the men compared to women even if they both committed the same crime. Another legal example of where gender occurs would be the Child Custody Act. Many parents, Father and mothers, cannot live without their children and sometimes they find it very hard to gain custody, but it is the mothers who are usually the ones to take into consideration first than men, in the Family Law Courts. [3] Why? Because the women are portrayed as emotional and weak and the only ones who can give a good upbringing. Which in some cases is not true because fathers can also give a good upbringing depending on their financial and personal support they can provide for both men and women.

In conclusion, froshutterstock_298590035.jpg (5000×3334)m just about every perspective of life, the paradox already exists, which makes women suffer from an adversity, but both male and females witnesses, have gone through or are going through gender discrimination. Whether that be in the workplace, at school, in politics and or by the law. Concerning the causes and roots of gender discrimination, the main culprit is the mentality of people, the judgements/images that certain people have on others and the stereotypes of being a female and a male. And believe or not many people in our society ( maybe someone we know) are being impacted as a result. How?… well stay tuned for the next round of research 🙂


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My next round of research will dive into the health, professional, personal and mental impacts of gender discrimination on men. Different stereotypes will also be presented and challenge that males in our society face proving that not only does it affect females, but males as well from being a newborn baby boy or baby girl to being an adult. This round of research will answer the main question of how gender discrimination influences the world and the people in our society.

Stay tuned for the next round of research 🙂

Lokshana Groodoyal Research topic: “How & where does gender discrimination occurs.” –  November 11, 2020

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  1. Hi Lokshana,

    You have a very intriguing question, with so many approaches that can be targeted. I think research papers as additional sources will further help you find an answer to your question. Look forward to future rounds of research!

    Best Regards,


  2. Hi Lokshana,
    Very interesting post! Gender discrimination is a problem many are facing all over the world – some countries more than others. I really liked how you included examples relevant today and how you described and formated your work!

    Something interesting you could look into for your next research round is how certain careers are shaped through gender bias or discrimination. I remember having this debate with a friend about how it’s mainly men who are in politics and how that impacts the leadership in our world. Does it say more about the shape of politics or just the kind or personality of people interested in them?
    Here’s a source that could help with that if you wanna look into it:

    Looking forward to reading your next posts!:)

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