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Legal rights are not all right: when morality and the law collide | OUPblog

Hi! As some people know my research topic is on whether law affects our morality. I’m really excited to find more information on this topic! I hope you all find my topic informative as well.

My research rounds will follow this plan:

  1. “What is the law and what is morality” (This defines the terminology of law and morality to help people who might not know the exact meaning of them and explain the similarity and differences between them.)
  2. “How do law and morality impact our lives?” (this will give everyone some case study to examine, perhaps give some insight on whether one or both can impact our lives.)
  3. “Does the law affect our morality?” (This will give us a final look on whether law affects our morality and to what extent.)

Some sources that might be useful:

1 what is law?

2. what is morality

3. law and morality

4. academic paper on law and morality

5. Philosophy of law

I hope you guys I learn a lot from my posts!

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  1. Hi Ronnie,
    Great choice of topic. I never really thought about the law affecting our morality in general and not so much in-depth. I look forward to reading more about your topic.

    Lokshana 🙂

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