Post #2: Project Plan

My question is ”Are we just a statistic in our Capitalist society?”

Step 1: What is capitalism and how does it affect the lives of citizens?

This will give me a better understanding of why most developed countries choose capitalism over socialism.

Step 2: How do marketers create demand/advertise something they want to sell?

This question will help inform me why marketers favour capitalist behaviour, as well as how they influence us.

Step 3: What is the fundamental difference between a Capitalist and Socialist society?

This will help me know which people benefit from capitalism and which people don’t.

5 sources:

I think my project will show my self and others how we benefit and how we’re affected or vulnerable in a Capitalist society.

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  1. Hi Saachi! It was really interesting reading your project plan. Like Shieva though, I do not believe your question was explained well enough. Do you mean to ask something more on the lines of how we are now not considered humans, but consumers, as people that exist to buy things? Overall though, I think your question could lead to a very intriguing inquiry project, and I cannot wait to read your first round of research!

    Some resources that may help you are:

  2. Hello Saachi,

    Your question is very ideological and creative. I think the question itself could be better explained though. When you ask if we are statistics do you sort of mean that we are insignificant as people? If so, maybe incorporate that in your question to make it clear. In contrast, your rounds are very clear and are good researchable questions! You could also look into the different ideologies of people living in a capitalist country and people who live in a socialist country just to get more into specifics about how people are feeling themselves.

    Here are some hopefully helpful resources:

    Good luck!

    -Shieva Mokhtarnameh

  3. Dear Saachi,

    You have a great foundation for your inquiry project, which I believe will be a spectacular read, all-in-all. I think tryingt o find non-biased news papers would be supportive of your inquiry project, and for learning more about the topic overall, having historical research papers will further help you find an answer to your intriguing question. Your topic is something which affects the large majority of people, and so, just as I am, I am sure the Butterfly Effect & Social Responsibility students are intrigued to learn more!

    Best Regards,


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