Making My First Video Game

When I first started using Gamefroot (, I first had to read some instructions about how to make a game. One of the templates they have is called ‘Mia the Brave’, which is a game where the player collects items. This looked fun to me, so I used this template and made my own game.

So first I decided to place the bushes to make the paths that Mia will use when moving around. I made the paths more challenging by adding some water pools (blue), some trees and a picnic table. I also put a keep-out sign (yellow) so Mia cannot go near the pools. 

Next I placed some coins (pink), jewels and meat (green) throughout the scene. This forces the player to have to go around the entire area, past some difficult obstacles and into some hard to reach places.  When she is done collecting the coins and other objects, the game is over. 

The obstacles I decided to add, were the chicken (orange) and the dog (light blue). The chicken’s name is Dr. Peck. He moves up and down and if he is hit by Mia, the game is over and you lose.  I placed him in a small area to protect some coins in the corner, making them hard to get. The dog also moves up and down. I placed him where Mia must get through a small gap in the bushes to get to the righthand side of the scene. If you meet with the dog or Dr. Peck, you have to start the game all over again. 

The game builder can also decide what Mia’s character looks like.  You can choose her clothes, hair, body and accessories, like the mask. I also decided that the character should have a pet dog (red). 

I had to learn a lot, but the program was quite easy to learn, so it took me about an hour to make this game. One of the most important features was the button that allows you to make changes when you make a mistake (black with an arrow at the top of the scene). 

I liked trying to figure out where to put the objects and I really liked testing the objects and seeing how well the game worked. 



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  1. Hi Peter,
    your topic is very enjoyable to read, especially about how you create your video game. I have been sharing some of your talent with my brother as he is a big fan of video games and how to create them. In a way, you are teaching my brother 🙂 HAHA…

    When did you discover your interest in creating your own video games?

    Lokshana 🙂

  2. Hi Peter! I really enjoyed reading your post. I too am a huge fan of video games and play them on a daily basis; it is my favorite pastime! I’ve also gone to numerous coding courses and created a small game or two myself, so it was super interesting seeing your creativity and talent reflect in your game as you described how you made the game. I can see technologically inclined careers in your future! I look forward to reading your next post and seeing what other things you will create!

    Some resources you may find useful are:

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