Project Plan – How Does Different Genres of Music Affect Different Living Beings?


Hi everyone, this is my project plan for my question, How Does Different Genres of Music Affect Different Living beings? As you know, I have been interested in studying what music does to our brains, and if there are negative or positive impacts that music gives us.

My steps I am planning to take:

1. Can music negatively or positively impact humans?

  • Pop music on humans, effects?
  • Rock music on humans, effects?
  • Classical music on humans, effects?
  • What different effects will there be if we play an instrument?
  • No music on humans, effects?

2. How does music affect plant growth? Do they have the same effects as humans?

  • Pop music on plant growth, effects?
  • Rock music on plant growth, effects?
  • Classical music on plant growth, effects?
  • No music on plant growth, effects?

3. How does music affect animals? Do they have the same effects as humans?

  • Pop music on animals, effects?
  • Rock music on animals, effects?
  • Classical music on animals, effects?
  • No music on animals, effects?
  • When animals create music (birds singing, whale calling), will there be different effects than listening to music?

5 Sources I might use to address my question:


How is learning this going to implicate other individuals?

When other people learn that music makes us feel happier when we are upset, then maybe people will listen to music more. I am trying to raise the awareness of how good music can be to us, and to encourage people to listen to more music or play an instrument.

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  1. Hi Karen,
    I think music is a great thing. But sometimes it can impact human brain like Music has been scientifically proven to have a powerful effect on the brain. Recent research shows that music can help in many aspects of the brain, including pain. They also some negative effects on humans like stress relief. I found some links that can help you in your research

  2. Hello Karen!

    I like the science that your question gets into. It’s definitely interesting to know more about how something human-made affects other beings. Your steps are very well organized as well. It’s good that you are starting with something familiar to your audience (being the human impact) and then moving on to plants and animals. I think something that could be useful when you are doing your first step would be to pay attention to the tempo of the music because if you are comparing a calm classical song and a very upbeat pop song, your findings may be more about the fast pace and not about the music genre itself. Upbeat music does raise the heart rate while slower ones decrease. Just something to keep in mind. Also, are you thinking about researching volume as well? I feel like it could be an interesting fact to put in there.

    Some helpful links:

    Good luck!

  3. Hi Karen,
    Your question is quite fascinating! Will you be listening to multiple songs/pieces in a certain genre? For example, will you be listening to one upbeat pop song and one sad one? I also found a site that explains how different genres, and music in general, affect the brain (there is also a TedTalk at the end):
    Here is an article with studies done on animals. Because I love classical music I found the last one very interesting :):

    I hope these sources help you with your project! Also, let me know if you would like some classical pieces to listen to for research! I’d be very happy to show you ones with varying emotions. Good luck on your research, and I look forward to hearing from you.
    – Nikki

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