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Hello everyone!

My project asks are celebrities are toxic to society.

My three rounds of research will look like this:

1.Difference between having fame and being a celebrity.

This will help me answer my question because I can distinguish the role of a celebrity vs. someone who got attention for certain talent. It’s important to know because I need to know if celebrities come to be artificially or if it is a natural process.

 2. Celebrity impacts (positive and negative) on people and themselves.

This will help me answer my question because I need to know if the bad outweighs the good for both groups. If it truly is a harmless part of our world, the negatives wouldn’t be prominent. If they are, I know there’s an issue.

3. What would the world look like without celebrities?

This will help me answer my question because if I can put together what the world would look like without celebrities, I can see if it works out well or if people need to look up to others in the media to build themselves.

Possible resources:,detrimental%20to%20teen%20mental%20health.

Are Famous People Happy? A Data Driven Answer


This question will have implications for other individuals and my community because they get to see how celebrity culture is impacting them in ways they don’t usually think about. I hope that this research can burst the bubble of perfection that celebrities usually get from the public eye. The root of celebrity culture is profit. Brands can get celebrities to endorse products because they are seen as trustworthy to people. I want others to see that money plays a big role in all of this.

Thanks for reading!

-Shieva Mokhtarnameh

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  1. Hey, this question is very interesting! I’m curious to see how celebrities can be toxic or harmful to our society. I believe colourism and body image may be a part of the toxicity. I hope to read your research posts!

  2. Hello Shieva! I really enjoyed reading your project plan. I think this topic is probably one of the most relevant at this time, if you exclude COVID-2019 of course. It is really strange that individuals who are incredibly popular around the world not due to their intelligence or what they give back to people, but to how marketable and trending they are at any given time have the capability to change how we think, how we dress, and overall how we live is mindboggling. This has been stressed more now than ever, with an example being the POTUS, Donald Trump. Weirdly enough, the man is now more a celebrity than a president and that is very strange. Our world is changing and its changing fast. I just hope that celebrities and celebrity culture does not continue to grow in strength, or we might be in big trouble.

    Some resources that could help you are:

    • Hello Victor,

      Yeah, I know where you’re coming from. Donald Trump is one of the many celebrities that has a giant influence on people and knows it. It’s weird to idolize someone and only know their persona as a celebrity. It is considered their job after all.

  3. Hi Shieva,

    This is a really interesting question, and I think it’s a very relevant topic. Celebrity news seems to be everywhere lately, and I’m sure it affects us. Many people look up to celebrities and follow their example, so I believe that celebrities can have a pretty big influence on us. Whenever I think about celebrity influence, I instantly think of the Kardashian/Jenner family. They’re always at the start of new trends, and if they do something, it is automatically considered cool. But is this a good thing? Here’s a link to an article that talks about this:

    A quote from this article that really stood out to me was:
    “When she (Kylie Jenner) admitted to using cosmetic fillers in May 2015 after posting images of excessively huge lips, filler requests increased by 70 per cent, while a February 2018 tweet about not using Snapchat anymore wiped $1.3bn off the company’s market value.” It seems completely unbelievable to me that a single person can have so much power!

    Here’s another website that brings up some interesting points about how obsessing over celebrities could potentially be harmful:

    This article talks specifically about celebrities influence how teenagers see themselves:

    I look forward to reading your research posts,
    Jasmine 🙂

    • I agree with what you said Jasmine. I also think talking about “negative” trends that celebrties have caused would be helpful to finding an answer.

    • Hello Jasmine,

      Yes, I totally agree that they have a huge platform! I actually heard about that quote and I was shocked. Thanks for the resources; They look juicy!

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