Blog Post #1: Should humans and technology be combined?

Should humans and technology be combined?

My interest in this question stems from the recent discoveries that have been made and the long-standing controversies relating to this topic. Scientists have been theorizing about the possibilities and the length of artificial intelligence for several decades and the day that these theories may become a familiar reality is not far away. The idea that a computer or an artificial program may be capable of merging with the human mind is a notion that has equally been theorized for decades and is currently in the process of development. However, this new form of technology may have several unseen implications for communities and the regular function of society. Furthermore, there are many more questions that have arisen, including queries into ethics, health, public safety, and the prevalent question of what this may mean for humanity as a whole.

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  1. Hi Rasee! I really enjoyed reading your post as I too am very interested in the field of artificial intelligence. As you may know, one of my former Butterfly Effect inquiry topics was to do with if AI will ever be able to become truly human-like and I found the topic super intriguing to look into. I also think the topics you mentioned are absolutely integral to the topic and are well thought out. I cannot wait to read your future posts!

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