Inquiry Blog #1 — Karen Zoulau

My inquiry question is: How does music affect different living beings both physically and psychologically? 


I always feel good when I play in a band or sing in a choir, and have often wondered why. It works wonders to lift my mood all the time. But does this only happen to me, or to everyone around me? I have always played pretty well in band and sang nicely in choir. I have also been interested in how music affects people lately. Sometimes I hear people ask other people to turn down their music and I wonder why. I don’t seem to have a problem in music, but why do they have issues with it?

I will be researching on different living beings, from animals all the way to humans. Then I will look for a negative or positive impact it gives on the subject. I also wish to know if different kinds of music impact alive creatures differently. Maybe different races of people are affected diversely too. Does music always make us feel so good? Or is the feeling coming from inside of you? Maybe we like the music, and that causes a reaction?

I hope I can learn more! 🙂

Karen Zoulau


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  1. Hi Karen
    I am Peter a student in Kenya. I read your post and I found it very interesting. First, music also lifts my mood. I have also been in a group band with my friends. In Kenya we have ”matatus” the mini buses and the actual buses for transportation. In those vehicles they have very loud music so when you’re travelling you don’t get bored. There is a type of music in Kenya called Gengetone but they are sung in Swahili. I think your next research should be about the effect of loud music to humans. Maybe you will know why people suggest others should turn down the music. My favourite type of music is country music. What about you? I enjoyed reading your post.

  2. Hi Karen, I’m Lucas.
    I think that your topic is very interesting and fun. Personally, I have a background in music. I’ve been in the choir for three years and I’m in both the concert band and Jazz band. I particularly enjoy listening to genres of music such as Hip Hop and Indie Pop. I’m interested to see your future posts and learn how music affects us.

    I have a question, what is your favourite song and music genre?

    • Hi Lucas,

      This is my second year of choir and I am in jazz band and concert band too. I enjoy listening to pop music the most. I especially like playing exciting, dramatic songs in band. They always tend lift my spirit quickly, no matter what mood I am in.

      Currently, I do not have a favourite song, but the song I like a lot is “It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas” by Michael Buble.

  3. Hi Karen I am Joseph a Kenyan student am so glad to read your comment how music affect different living beings. I also like playing music because it makes mood go up. I understand that there are also people who do not like music to be played and i also ask myself why?

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