About me deepinder dulai

Hello my name is deepinder but i pefer to be called deep.I am 14 years old and i live in Canada.I go to queen Elizabeth secondary.My favourite subject science.

My family consist of five people.I have two younger siblings one is a girl and one is a boy.I am very passionate in helping others.My role model is my mother because of how hard she works in life.

I want to help all the students be able to get a good education in life.A community to me is where everyone supports each other when needing help.

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  1. Hello Deepinder,
    I admire your passion for making a change for those who have limited access to education. I hope with this platform we can do so.

    you mention science as your favourite subject, is there a topic or area in general? or just overall science?


  2. Hi Deep,

    My name is Denis Mburu.

    I am really interested reading about you. It is great pleasure that you love to help other student and how you define a community.

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