Inquiry – Should Food Manufactures Use Food Colouring to Attract Young Children?

Assorted gummy candies. Top view. Jelly sweets background.

Food colouring is a liquid dye often added to commercial food to enhance the look of the product. They are added to food such as candies and cakes. Nowadays, we can see all kinds of coloured foods everywhere in our grocery stores. Artificial food colourings can make many negative impacts on your health including cancer. Certain food colourings can cause an allergic reaction in some people. It will also increase hyperactivity in children.

I’m interested in this topic because I think many people including myself aren’t aware of what food colouring can affect our health. During this inquiry, I would like to investigate how food coloring can affect our health, how we can avoid it, and how food manufacturers can replace it.


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  1. Very creative subject! Food coloring definitely makes food seem more attractive, especially to younger children. I knew the effects were not good but it seems that is even worse than I thought. Looking forward to learning more about this!

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