Inquiry project

“Do Laws Affect Morality?”

Ethics vs Morals vs Law

I will be doing my research on whether Law affects Morality. The reason behind why I chose to research about this question is because I believe that both law and morality interconnect with each other and are important factors of our lives. Law and morality are 2 regulating systems that control and regulates human behaviour in our community which allows a harmonious and effective relationship between individuals. This question fascinates me because I’ve always been intrigued by moral philosophical questions and now I find the concept of law very interesting as it affects our daily lives. I wish to look deeper into this topic and gain a better understanding of both law and morality.

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  1. Hi Galicia
    I am Peter from Kenya. I am really interested in your research I am looking forward in reading it. As for me, I don’t think that law affects morality.

    • Hi Peter!
      My name is Ronnie :)) I hope you can learn a lot from my research. Do you want to elaborate on your opinion? I would love to read it and learn more about your point of view.

  2. Dear Ronnie,

    Wow! I remember we had grazed over our potential topics, but we weren’t able to get into much detail. I am especially interested in your topic as it can take form from many angles (all daily life, life decisions, etc.).

    Certainly looking to read your paper, once finished! Once again, really good choice; you might even consider using parts in university letter(s). 😉



  3. Hi Ronnie,

    Great choice of topic for research! It be interesting to learn how law affect our morality.

    In fact, I know one aspect of how it affects our morality and that is consistently thinking about what’s right or wrong in order to follow the law.

    Looking forward to follow up with your research,
    Lokshana 🙂

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