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In the early times in Africa, people used to send messengers to deliver messages. This was very time consuming and also had disadvantages because the messengers could even be eaten by animals or attacked by robbers. When telephones were becoming more widespread in the world in the 1930s, they were still not being used a lot in Kenya (1). With the invention of the cell phone, it was easier and more accessible and therefore cell phones became very common in Kenya. People used these phones for instant communication, predominantly through text messages (1).ย  They allow people to communicate, but also to work, browse the internet and play games.However, most young people still do not have access to a cell phone.ย 

I am interested in this topic because I want to determine whether phones are good and whether they can help a country develop. For my inquiry, I would like to investigate the advantages of cell phones, the disadvantages of cell phones and how a society can build their cell phone use in a way that has the greatest positive impact.


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  1. Hello Denis,

    I think that cellphones are definitely an amazing invention! I really liked looking through your post and learning about phone usage in Kenya. Here in Canada it is much different. Almost every teenager has a phone. We enjoy the accompaniment of a device by our side all the time. I’m really looking forward to reading more about your research! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Hello Denis! I really enjoyed reading your post and learning a little about cellphone use in Kenya. In Canada, we use cellphones all the time; most teenagers here have their eyes glued to a screen most of the time they’re awake! Because Wi-Fi is so easily accessible in the city and because people become bored very quickly nowadays, we tend to constantly look for something to entertain us and our cellphones normally fill that need perfectly. I do have one question for you though. Is cellphone use in Kenya similar to what I described in Canada and is the general population in possession of such gadgets?

  3. Hi Denis,

    Phones are indeed a great ressource and amazing of what goods it can bring to us. I am eager to read more about your research and know more about the advantages and disadvantages of mobile use. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lokshana ๐Ÿ™‚

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