About Me – Sabreen Hayer

Hi, My name is Sabreen Hayer and I am a grade 12 student at Queen Elizabeth Secondary School. My favourite subject in school is English because I have a strong passion for writing and reading. My least favourite part of English, however, is poetry, Throughout the years, I have tried very hard to love poetry but I just cannot simply because I find it very boring. In my free time, I love to read books about dystopian worlds and crime and focus on my maintaining my fitness. One way I try to maintain my fitness is through weight training. In the future, I hope to pursue a career in law enforcement to continue to serve my community. It is my first year being apart of the PA-MOJA club and I am looking forward to meeting new people and developing a further understanding of the world around me, especially around issues such as poverty or the consequences due to lack of education. I believe that it is important to spread awareness about issues like these which is why I am really exciting to become a member of this club and make a difference.

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