About Me- Puneet Bains

Hello! My name is Puneet Bains and I am in grade 12 currently attending Queen Elizabeth Secondary School in Surrey, BC.

My family immigrated to Canada from India when I was five, and since then Surrey has been my home. In contrast, my family consists of 5 people: mom, dad, younger sister and brother. Being the oldest sibling comes with loads of responsibilities, as I am a role model and must set a good example for my siblings. Additionally, my family is my main support structure, they are always encouraging me and let me try new things. Due to this I am able to participate in all sorts of activities, both in and outside of school.

Now a little about myself, I love playing sports and have been part of many school sports teams. I enjoy listening to music as it helps me distress whenever I feel overwhelmed. Cooking is also a skill I consist along with a very clean and organized individual. Additionally, I feel privileged that we have the opportunity to attend school and receive education; hence, I deeply value having the chance to education and love school. My favorite subject is social studies because I find our world and its history quite fascinating. With the help of my volunteer experiences and education I have received, I would like to make a change in this world and assist the people in need of any help.

It is my first year being part of the PA-MOJA club and I am thoroughly excited! I am looking forward to meeting new people and discovered what importance community service holds for them. Moreover, being a member of this club will give me the opportunity to compare and contrast between education opportunities and conditions children have to learn in. At last, I am hoping to assist in making the world a better place where education is prioritized; I look forward to seeing what my team and I can do to make a difference in Kenya!

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  1. Hi,
    It’s nice that you enjoy cooking! I think food is a very important part of my culture, and it reminds me about the importance of family. Do you like to cook traditional meals? If so, what are your favorites?

  2. Hi Puneet,
    Welcome to butterfly effect! I hope you enjoy this platform and together make a big difference and bring out new opportunities for others. What kind of sports did you try in school?

    Music is a great source to relaxation 👍 Do you have a specific music genres in particular?


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