Human Rights

Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that every person in the world should have and enjoy. They are very important and they should not be taken away from anyone because every person is equal (1). Although the United Nations’ declaration for human rights lists 30 different rights and freedoms (2), My inquiry will focus on the Right to Life, the Right to not be Held in Slavery and the Right to Equality. 

The Declaration of Human Rights states everyone has the Right to Life. This means that nobody, including the government, can take one’s life.  The government should also take appropriate measures to safeguard life by making laws that protect people (3). Public authorities should also consider your right to life when making decisions that might put you in danger or that could affect your life expectancy. The right to life is one of the inherent and natural rights of mankind because it is the fundamental to other rights (4). 

The next topic is about the right to Equality. The right to equality means that every human being is equal before the law.  Everyone has the right to be equal and no one should be discriminated against because everyone is equal before the law. All should beTreated as equality among equals,and there will be no discrimination against (6). All people get an equality of opportunity of accessing services and fulfilling their potential. All people have equal and fair access to jobs , training and promotions. There are also some benefits of the right to equality and they include: It is fair to all and benefits all citizens(7).

The last topic is about the right to no slavery.  It basically means no person should be owned by another person and be forced to obey them (8). This human right also extends to servitude, which is when a person lives on someone’s property and can not leave, but they are not owned (8). No one should be required to perform forced labour.(9) Forced labour means that you are forced to do work that you have not agreed to, under threat or punishment(9)

I am going to look into each of these human rights in more detail in the upcoming weeks.  I would like to find examples of when these rights are followed and when they are broken around the world.

 Let us all practice and enhance these rights for a better country.












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