Comic Books

I like reading comic books because they are a combination of words and pictures that help me enjoy the story. Do you like reading comic books as well?

In my inquiry I want to learn how comic books help new readers, reluctant readers and good readers.  I want to determine the importance of comics in our lives. I have found a few websites to help me, but I would be happy to hear about your experiences with comics too.

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  1. Hi Mary,
    Comic books is an interesting topic! I do enjoy ready comic book because it entertains me while I’m reading, but ive recently been reading more novels than comic books. (I should start reading them).

    What kind of comic books do you read ? Are you recently reading any comic book?

    • HI Lokshana,
      yeah I like reading the comic books with pictures because they help me alot in understanding the story. The book that I am reading is the diary of a wimpy kid it is qiute an interesting book to read.

      • Wow, the diary of a wimpy kid is amazing. I read the first and second parts of this book. It is indeed an interesting book.

        Do you have a favourite character yet? (Greg, Rodrick, Marley, Manny, or Rowley)
        I low-key like Rodrick because he seems to be the evil for his brother 🙂

  2. Hi Mary! Interesting topic you have chosen 🙂 I also do enjoy reading comic books, but I do not read them very often. I look forward to reading more about your topic on comic books!

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