About Me – Simerdeep Jhajj

Hello! My name is Simerdeep, but I prefer to be called Simmi. I am 15 years old and I live in Canada, Surrey BC. I attend Queen Elizabeth secondary and I’m in 10th grade. My favorite subject is Science because it’s very interesting to learn.

There are five members in my family. It’s me, my two siblings, and my parents. My sisters name is Komal and my brothers name is Abhay. Being tall runs in the family. I’m second tallest in my family, and it’s quite annoying having people constantly ask me how I got so tall. My passion is to help those in need, so when I am older I would like to do something in the medical field. I love to listen to music since it makes me feel relaxed. In my spare time, I like to watch Netflix or ride my bike with my brother. My role models are the members of One Direction. They’ve taught me a lot about caring for others and being kind.

This is my first year being apart of the PA-MOJA club, and I’m very excited. When I found out about PAMOJA and what we would do as a team, I was thrilled. I’ve always heard about kids not being able to go to school. It really upsets me, so I am very happy to be apart of a team that will help those kids. To me, a community is where we can be ourselves without judgement and we as a community would help each other. A community to me is a place where we would care about each other and it would be a safe place for many.

I’m very happy to be apart of PA-MOJA and I’m excited to see what we as a team will do to help the kids in Kenya!



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