About Me – Riya Singh

Hi! My name is Riya Singh. I am 15 years old. I am in grade 10, my school’s name is Queen Elizabeth Secondary. I live in Surrey, BC, in Canada.

I love to make new friends. At first I’m usually a bit shy but once I get to know other people I enjoy their company. In my family I have two siblings and a mom and a dad. Both of my siblings are younger. My sister is six years old and her name is Harleen. My brother is three and he is named Tanveer. My family is very nice and supportive. My favorite subject is Science, I like to learn because it is very interesting. In my free time I like to read books and listen to music. My favourite genre is mystery. I have many hobbies aside from reading, some of which include cooking, baking, and drawing. I am decent when I am drawing but I am not very good at coloring the things I make. I love reading books because they make me feel relaxed. My favourite genre is fantasy.

This is my first year of being part of the PA-MOJA club and I am very excited. Many times, I heard that kids in some countries are not able to go to school. I think everyone has the right to educate themselves. I love the way the school club raises money for kids in Kenya, this way the children can be educated. This is a chance for me to support people in our community. A community is a place where we can help each other, and we can be ourselves. I am extremely happy to be a part of the PA-MOJA club at school and will do my best to support the team.

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