About Me – Simran Sandhu

Hi! My name is Simran Sandhu and I am a grade 12 student attending Queen Elizabeth Secondary School in Surrey. My favorite subject is Social Studies as I enjoy learning about history and why our world is the way it is. In my free time, I enjoy volunteering, watching sitcoms, reading and running. When I think of the word community, I don’t think about it in a geographical aspect. Instead, I believe that a community is a group of people coming together due to common interest or passion.  If I could solve one global issue, it would be poverty because I feel guilty being aware of this worldwide problem and not being able to fix it. I am the youngest child in a big family and something that my family values is hard work. This has taught me that if I wish to see change happen, it is important that I go out and actively take part in it which is why I joined this club. This will be my first year being part of the Pa-moja club and I am looking forward to meeting new people that I share a common interest with and making a difference! The prong I am most interested in is action as I want to see change happen more rather than it simply being talked about. I hope that this experience helps me remember to be grateful to live in a community where education has always been a given as well as take part in making an impact.

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