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Hello everyone!

My inquiry question is “Are celebrities toxic for society”.

This question is interesting to me because I want to explore why we need to have idols. I also want to look into how celebrities set beauty standards. I even want to look at if having celebrities in our society is bad for the celebrities themselves. I understand that if someone creates something they become famous, but there is a difference between fame and being a celebrity. Having fame means all kinds of people know you. To be a celebrity, you are not only known for the thing that made you famous. You are grown into a celebrity by going to events, hosting meetings with fans, completing interviews, etc. I find it weird that we have models of what we should be. I think there is a possibility that having celebrities, decreases our individuality. It’s not like we need to learn right from wrong from celebrities. Those concepts are taught by families and philosophers. I think it’s interesting to explore the effects of modern celebrities, positive and negative, to answer my question.

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  1. Hi Shieva I’m Peter.
    The topic you choose is a very interesting topic. I would love to know more about celebrities. My favorite celebrity is Cardi b. and there and there two types of celebrities there are local and international celebrities. The problem with some celebrities is they think there more important than others mosty the musicians. Celebrities try to be the best so that may cause them to hate each other.

    • Hello Peter,

      I understand that. Some people start off as local and as they gain more attention, they become international. I think that’s when they start to become idolized in an unhealthy way.

  2. Very interesting topic! I often see people who look and act like certain celebrities. I agree that it is strange that we have people who are brought up as ‘ ideal’. This definitely affects the way people view themselves. I look forward to learning more!

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