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  1. What are social media’s effects on society and the people within it?
  2. This is a question of great interest to me because of how bizarre the world is now. The US president going on Twitter rant after Twitter rant filled with incorrect information? Check. Teenagers making huge amounts of money with barely any effort by posting short videos of them dancing online? Check. Never knowing what is true and what is false due to the over inflation of propaganda and biased sources? Check. The world is a much weirder place now than before and I believe that has lots to do with the explosion of popularity that social media has received over the past decade. The ease of use is ridiculous, the number of people online at once astonishing, and the amount of false information utterly terrifying. Social media influences nearly every aspect of our life, even if we do not notice it, and many people’s lives revolve completely around it. Our thinking has never been so influenced by outside sources since the witch trials and that is a truly scary thing.

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  1. Hi Victor I find your project very amazing.
    I think the social media has affected the society in a negative way such as poor sleep because people spend a lot of time there. the other one is cyberbullying which is caused by social media platform. On top of that we also have positive effects, It has help to stay in touch with the family members and friends. It is also the best platform to interact with new people who have the same interest as you. You can use the above link to learn more about the effects of social media.

  2. Hi Victor,
    I find your inquiry question very interesting! I agree that our social media is absurd. I really like how you mentioned ‘ Never knowing what is true and what is false due to the over inflation of propaganda and biased sources?’. Often times, I cannot tell what is true, who is biased, or even if the information is overly exaggerated. What do you think about the way social media affects the way we view ourselves and our body image? This is a question I think about often and I’m curious to see your opinion 🙂

    • Thanks for your reply Nikki! To be honest, I believe that social media does nothing but harm our self confidence and our overall view of our bodies by making us constantly compare ourselves to others. I think that this is incredibly unhealthy and is one of the most damaging effects that social media has on us. Great question!

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